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Now we must honor heaven’s warden,
the power of the Creator, and his purpose—
work of the father of glory, as he of every miracle,
the everlasting Lord, established the beginning.
He first shaped for the sons of the earth,
heaven for the roof. The holy Creator,
mankind’s warden, then Earth,
the everlasting Lord afterward adorned
the earth for people, the master almighty.

--Caedmon's Hymn



This is an index of translations of Old English texts currently available from Literary Catechesis. Please bear with the translator as she learns Old English:

 --, The Dream of the Rood

 --, Excerpts from The Exodus

--, Excerpts from Genesis B

Aelfric, The Life of St Edmund

Bede, The Account of the Poet Caedmon

These texts are all translated so that they follow, to the greatest degree possible, the style and language of the original texts. A bibliography follows each.