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Catechesis through literature promotes the use of Christian classics and other texts to teach children and adults to love and practice their faith. This website, a companion to the blog, Literary Catechist, aims to introduce a number of new sources and ideas to help aspiring catechists and those who just wish to learn more about Christianity or its history.


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Now we must honor heaven’s warden,
the power of the Creator, and his purpose—
work of the father of glory, as he of every miracle,
the everlasting Lord, established the beginning.
He first shaped for the sons of the earth,
heaven for the roof. The holy Creator,
mankind’s warden, then Earth,
the everlasting Lord afterward adorned
the earth for people, the master almighty.

--Caedmon's Hymn



Literary Catechesis is an intellectual project to help religious educators and their students of all ages find truth through fiction. Although most of its work is presented at, this site is an archive of useful resources for those particularly interested its mission. Please contact me if you have any questions.