Welcome to Literacy Online!

Literacy Online is Literacy Source’s resource website for volunteer instructors and tutors.  Each year volunteers provide more than 13,000 hours of instruction to adult learners at Literacy Source.  There would be no Literacy Source without wonderful volunteers like you.

Literacy Source is a community of support for students and volunteers, and we are committed to your success.  This website has five main purposes:

1. To familiarize new volunteers with the Center and orient you to the different volunteer positions at Literacy Source.

2. To answer your questions about volunteering, teaching, and tutoring.

3. To inform you about ongoing opportunities for training and professional development as teachers or tutors.

4. To provide you with resources to support your instruction in the following areas:
5. To share information about how to best support adult students, both in and outside of the classroom.
This website will help acquaint you with the center, your volunteer position, answer some of the questions you may have about volunteering, and provide you with resources to support your instruction.  Please explore Literacy Online and contribute to the website.  We welcome your questions and comments and look forward to working with you!
For general information about Literacy Source, including our history, staff information, programs and more, please visit our website.  You can also read about our mission, vision, and values here 
If you’re not a current volunteer at Literacy Source, but would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities, please visit our website for more information.

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