Happy New Year 2009!
Welcome to my website to help you quickly access more information concerning the literacy pieces that we are focusing on this year.  I am continuing to update the information as I find new and interesting sites that will help with student achievement in your classroom.  I welcome your comments and suggestions.   
Here is a really cool site for everyone....

Quick Ideas for Active Student Participation

1.     3-2-1   At the end of an explanation or demonstration, pass out index cards, half sheets of paper, etc.  and have each student write down the three most important terms or ideas that were presented, two ideas or facts they would like to know more about, and one concept, process, or skill they think they have mastered.  You can collect these as an exit slip so that you can have instant feedback from the lesson.  Or, you can assign this for homework and the students give this as an entrance slip so you can judge their retention and can use the cards as a review to bring the students back to where they were the last class.