Literacy for Haiti Inc.
Commerce, Education, Medicine, and Hope in Christ for Haiti's Rural Poor.

Where Do We Stand in Summer 2020?

         It is the year of the Covid 19 pandemic.  Travel to and from Haiti has been restricted so we could not take our annual trip to the mountains near Damye to encourage our people there.  But that does not mean that the many ways that God has established for blessing these people were stopped.  The reality is that things went pretty smoothly in our absence.  We were able to remain in contact via technology and thereby make adjustments to all the programs.   The school, the loan program from God, the charity outreach, and even some medical support continued unhindered.


Masked teller at work.
We were able to add $13000 US dollars to the loan program this year, pushing the total funds available to loan to over 9 million gourdes.  This is enough to provide substantial loans to well over 875 grateful people.  The value of the gourde continues to decline against the dollar making larger loans necessary to keep up with the rising prices of all US related goods.  For years we operated at 40 goudes for a dollar US- then 60, then 80 and now it is 110 goudes per US dollar.  Please pray for political stability in the country so the currency can also stabilize.  Despite all this, our borrowers came to receive their new loans over the course of 5 days.  They came greeting our covid masked Haitian tellers with a smile and left with money in hand to help with small business, family emergencies, or funds to pay for schooling for children.

                 Masked teller at work

        We were able to get enough money there to continue giving nearly 2500 dollars US to help the most desperate families on the mountain with food supplies, over 3000 dollars to pay our school teachers, and several hundred dollars to help the church support evangelism in the mountain region.  It is a blessing to see the mountain people take responsibility for administering the programs God has given them.  I believe God will continue to bless them for their faithfulness long after I am no longer able to serve there.  That's a good feeling for sure.

        We all need hope to survive and Christ is our hope.  It has always been an honor and an encouragement to see Him bring hope to the most desperate situations in Haiti.  His work may not be big news in the media, but it is bigger work world-wide than the media could ever print.  Thank you for being a part of it.