Virgil's afternoon GED Prep Class
Literacy for Every Adult Program (LEAP)

LEAP, sponsored by the Richmond Public Library, i
s a free program in which staff, volunteers, and learners work in small groups or one-to-one situations to meet their own educational and life goals.  Through the learning process, LEAP staff and volunteers help adults develop the skills and confidence they need to achieve their goals.

Since we are a technological society, you must possess the ability to read, write, and do simple mathematical computations  as well as the basic ability to work with computers and smart phones for pathways to career and college.   LEAP provides a learning center for our residents, where adults have the opportunity to practice and improve their basic abilities, prepare for the GED, improve their English, or learn new computer skills. 

Our community will thrive when all residents 
can fully participate as workers, business
owners, well-
informed voters, and engaged parents.