Welcome to the Maine Literacy and Technology Pilot

The purpose of this site is to create a network for teachers interested in integrating technology in their classrooms in order to enhance literacy.   Be sure to visit our blogs:

 Literacy and Technology Pilot

Guided Inquiry in the 21st Century

There you will find most current information regarding:

  1. classroom teachers who are using best practices in their classroom - including projects and tips to help you out,
  2. resources available to teachers,
  3. hot topics - and a forum to discuss them
  4. current research.

This project is made possible by the dedication of Maine teachers

who have worked tirelessly to improve their students' 
 lives through the education they provide in their classrooms.

Here is the original pilot committee.

Busy at work and networking:)

Thank you.  You make a difference.

This pilot is funded by Title ll, Barbara Moody Director;


 and facilitated by Darlene Bassett,  Educational Consultant, BPI.  


We hope you will join us.  You can contact us at: bsstt313@aol.com