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Litchfield Lite Finishes Strong!

2015 Results! 

Litchfield Lite Wrap Up on April 11th!

Congratulations to the Winners!

Most % Body Weight Loss


1st - Jessicah Gabrielson - $400

2nd - Melissa Sackett - $200


1st - Al Miller - $400

2nd - Bruce Mumford - $200

Healthy Choices Scorecard

Teams: $150

Sweatin' Sisters (Kristin Maxon & Stacy Westman)

Team Dvorak (Brandi Nelson, Sharie Dvorak & James Dvorak)

Stick With It Awards: $50

Anita Tens

Stephanie Rech

Darin Hansen

Dale Root

Individuals: $50

Maggie Shepersky

Jenna Tews

Holly Flemming

Lori Patten

Pixie Mumford

Marie Exner

2014 Results!

It is what we have all been waiting for….we are finally seeing green! And our award winners are seeing green as well! Congratulations to the following people who were either working hard to accomplish their goals or were lucky enough to have their names drawn:

            Top two males who lost the most percentage of body weight:

Dale Root with 15.61%

Brent Schacherer with 14.83%

            Top two females who lost the most percentage of body weight:


Lori Tierney with 21.21%

Shelly Christians with 12.74%

            Drawing for the “Stick With It”


Dave Eischens and Thad Larson


Sara Tierney and MaryKay Hannan

            Drawing for Scorecards turned in with 400 checkmarks or more:


Brenda Lindquist, Cynthia Whitcomb, Brandi Nelson, Brianna Eischens

            Drawing for Journal Entries (2 out of 7 entered):

Maggie Shepersky and Malinda Larson


Announcement for an additional award for 2014 Litchfield Lite participants:

A MP Award will be given to a 2014 Litchfield Lite participant who weighed in in January of 2014 and will weigh out in January of 2015 and who has the Most Percentage of Body Weight Lost will win $500. So all of you who thought you could not win this time can give it another try for January 2015. The Litchfield Lite Committee will keep all beginning weigh-ins in their records and we will see who comes out on top in January of 2015!