Author Ranking by Literary Awards

A simple place to start exploring contemporary American Literature 

Ranking (Version 1) - Less Detail

Ranking (Version 2) - More Detail



This author ranking is a simple count of the number of fiction awards each author received.

The list is heavily weighted in contemporary American Literature, and considers the following awards:
• National Book Award
• National Book Critics Circle Award
• Pen/Faulkner Award
• Nobel Prize
• Pulitzer Prize
• Pen/Hemingway Award
• LA Times Award
• NY Times Best American Fiction of Past 25 Years
• Man Booker Prize
• Observer Best Novels of Past 25 Years

This ranking was designed for personal use and is not meant to be statistically or theoretically sound; it is just a place to start.

For a more comprehensive ranking site, Award Annals is good.


List of Bests is another similar site.