Things You Need To Start Your Online Success

Many of you have asked me how to start an online business. The simple steps are:

  1. Create your website
  2. Add marketing tools such as autoresponders
  3. Buy domain name
  4. Publish your website
  5. Promote your website

What You Need to Know About Creating Website

What is a Web Site
A web site is a group of web pages that is available on the internet for viewing 24hr a day all year long. You will need special codes to create web pages.
What Web Site Can DoI will tell my friends who are new to the internet, that a web site is just like a printed materials that can be seen online. You can do many things with a web site, such as: tell people about you, share your thoughts, promote your business, sell products or just share your family pictures online.

What is Needed to Have a Web Site
To have a web site you will have to have all of these:
1. Web pages
2. A server to put your web pages online
3. A domain name to give a unique interesting address to your web pages

Web Pages
You want your web pages to look nice, so people love to visit your site, it need to have interesting content and designs. A web page can have more than texts, you can put tables and form to get input from your visitor, have a hit counter so you know how many people visit your web page, and many more. You can even accept credit card online from your web page.

You will want a server that has very little downtime, good support and easy to manage. You also need to know how many space you're getting and how many email address you'll get. And a statistic report will be good for you. You can find many places that rent web server, they are called web hosting company.

Domain Name
There are many places where you can buy domain name. When choosing one, please be sure that you have full control over your domain, and you have great and easy to use domain management tool. When planning to buy your domain name, you should think of the keywords that best described your page, this way your site will have more opportunity to get high ranking on the search engines. For example you can have a domain name as simple as or or Remember you can not use underscore (_) in your domain name. Click here to learn more about domain names.

How to Start
There are many ways on starting your very own web site. I will explain some here. First, if you really don't have time to build it, you can hire some one to do it and manage it for you, you can find webmasters and web developer on the internet, or... you can hire me ;)

If you have enough time to create your web pages but don't know how to make it online, you can start by creating your web pages using microsoft front page or any other software that available out there. After your web pages ready, then go out hunting for good, cheap, easy to use web hosting, and then upload your files to the server. Buy domain name and voila.. you'll have your own web site.

Many people have enough time, but just don't want to face the hassle of uploading files, maintaining the web server, etc. Thanks to 'technology' now they can do all online just with mouse clicks, no codes mastering required, minimal work only.

In finding such service you would want to have as many services I list here:

  • Visual Site Builder. No scripting, no coding and no designing needed.
  • Unlimited storage space. You have unlimited room to grow your website!
  • Full FTP access. Use your favorite FTP software to upload and download when needed.
  • Unlimited email. Get unlimited POP email accounts and mail forwarding!
  • Domain name registration. Register your domain name... For FREE!
  • Website templates. Choose from tons of beautiful, pre-designed templates.
  • Website design tools. Add graphics and photos from a huge bank!
  • Management tools. Add and update content as easy as "drag-and-drop!"
  • Pop-up Wizard. Create entry and exit pop-ups, and even "pop-unders!"
  • Logo Creator. Customize your website by adding your own logo to every page.
  • Opt-In Builder. Build your own mailing list and even personalize your emails.
  • Ezine Generator. Publish your own email newsletter in a snap!
  • Newsletter Templates. Create slick ezines and announcements fast.
  • Form Wizard. Instantly add forms to your site to let people contact you.
  • Spam-check. Increase readership by checking emails before they go out.
  • Open-rate. Discover how many people actually open your email message.
  • Search Engine Wizard. Submit your website to the major search engines.
  • Search Engine Ranking. Instantly check your website's ranking!
  • Password Wizard. Secure areas of your website, even a membership site!
  • Traffic Stats. Track traffic statistics and access easy-to-read reports.
  • Link exchange. Automatically set up link exchanges to boost link popularity.
  • Survey Wizard. Survey visitors and/or potential customers as easy as 1-2-3!
  • WebMail access. Check or send your email from the web, anywhere, anytime.
  • User Guide. Step-by-step guide shows you how to build a successful website.
  • Website templates. Pick from our new, updated collection of templates!
  • "Snap-in" interactivity tools. Add easy-to-use, "snap-in" scripts.
  • Instant Flash Builder. Beef up your website with Flash animation and more.
  • Brainstorm Wizard. Finds keywords to promote with, with profitability ratios!
  • Payment Wizard. Accept credit card payments online without an account.
  • Shopping Cart Wizard. Easily build your own online store without software.
  • Ad tracker. Discover which ads are making money or which ones that don't.

OK, I have tell you all you need to know to have your very own website. I will try to write some more in more detailed version. If you think you need the perfect tools for your website, you can go to click here for more info.


Do You Blog Yet?

Few years back, it was hard to have a personal website, because one have to learn HTML the hard way to have a website.

Now you can have your personal website set up in minutes using blog. Blog is an online services, free, where you can post anything from your daily diary, comments about a topic or about your business in one click.

You still need a little HTML knowledge if you want your blog to look nicer and not using the default template. But you can learn it easily in the help section.

If you are serious in entering the internet marketing world, you can start learning creating a website using a blog. You can register at Try small like making your diary blog before you make a business blog.


Choosing A Domain Name

Domain Name = Website Name
The best domain name for your site is to name it the same as your website name or your business name. For example, my site is called Simple Strategy Online, so I choose domain name Other example, if you sell photo frame called Shikaku, so your best domain name would be

Using Keywords
Keywords on domain names are important to help you get high ranking on the search engines. For my previous example you can use domain name such as: OR will still the best to use, but then again, you also want to think a strategy to get your site listed high on the search engine. Thus I suggest you get 2 domain names, and that both point to your website. SO, one domain that is your website / business name that people will remember it easily, and one domain that is specially used for search engine promotion.

Long or Short?
You can have up to 67 characters for a domain name. It is really up to you, for easy to remember domain name, sure you need a shorter domain name, but for search engine promotion you can use long domain name.
Hyphenated or Not?You can have hyphenated domain names, example: The disadvantages using this kind of domain names are that people don't remember it easily and seldom forget the hyphen. But the search engine will be easily distinguish your keywords better. SO, this type of domain name is good for your keywords domain name that will be used for search engine promotion.

.com .net .org or?
There are many domain name extention available right now. .com is the most common one, you should go for .com first. .org is usually used for a non-profit organization. Most of the time, people use other than .com is just because the .com is not available anymore.

Most likely, the short domain you want is not available anymore. If is not available, you can use:, or If you insist to have the domain name you want which is currently unavailable, you can always wait for it be available for you to buy, amazingly there are thousands of good domain names expired daily that you can buy. There is a tool that will tell you such domain names daily, you can
click here to learn more.

If you only have money for one domain, you should go for the short domain that describe your website name / business. Whenever you're ready to spend more money to get additional domain name, then you should use the long domain name with keywords on it.