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This is The list of Bibles If a Bio page exists there will be a link to that page under LINK TO BIO PAGE, 
I will be listing all the bibles first then creating the Bio page for them
The Bio Pages are where you will find more information on that Bible and whether there is an e-Sword module of That Bible and the Location of the e-Sword Module for downloading

I'm presently working on the bio pages as I get time 
If you would like a bio created on a bible, or wish to submit a review, have information on a bible or you wish to help contact me at
Here is an example of a Bio page 

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Bible NameTranslatorLink to Bio Page
Bible NameTranslatorLink to Bio Page
An Inclusive Version   
Bible in Basic English   
Bishop's Bible with Apocrypha, The   
Bond Slave Version    
Common Bible   
Common English version    
Conservative Bible Project   
English Revised Version   
English Standard Version   
Englishman's Study Bible, The   
Faithfull New Testament   
God's Word   
God's Word to the Nations   
Holy Bible, The 1841   
Interlinear Hebrew Old Testament   
Israel Authorized Version   
King James 2000   
King James Bible 1611 W/ Aprocrypha   
King James Bible Pure Cambridge Edition   
King James Version   
King James Version w/ Aprocrypha   
King James Version w/Strongs   
King James Version, Updated   
KJV Restored Names   
Messianic Renewed Covenant   
Modern Literal Version   
Modern Spelling Tyndale\Coverdale Bible   
Murdock New Testament Revised   
NET Bible® no notes   
NET Bible® with notes   
New English Bible   
New Evangelical Translation   
New Heart English Bible   
New Jerusalem Bible, The   
New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition   
New Revised Standard Version w/Apocrypha   
New Testament Authorized Version Update   
New Testament Emphasized, The   
New Testament from 26 Translations, The   
New Testament in An Improved Version, The   
Basic Gothic English NT   
Rudolph Kittel's Biblia Hebraica - 1937 Edition   
Seventh Millennium Version, The   
Spoken English New Testament, The   
The Scriptures 1998   
Third Millennium Bible, The   
Today's English Version, w/Apocrapha   
Transliterated Pronounceable Bible   
Transliterated Pronounceable Bible W/Strong's   
Transparent English Version   
Twenty First Century King James Version, The   
Tyndale Bible   
VW-edition Voice in the wildernes   
Webster Bible Revised   
West Sxon Gospels, 1175   
West Sxon Gospels, 990   
Weymouth New Testament   
World English Bible   
Wycliffe New Testament   
Alford New Testament  Alford, Henry   
American Bible Union New Testament Conant, Dr. T. J. , & Others  
American Standard Version Schaff, Philip & Others  
American Version New Testament  Hitchcock, Roswell D., D.D.,  
Amplified Bible, The  Lockman Foundation, The   
Analytical Literal Translation Zeolla, Gary F.   
An American Translation by Beck Beck, Dr. William F. & Others  
Anderson, New Testament Anderson, Henry Tompkins   
An English Version of the New Testament Heinfetter, Herman  
Kneeland New Testament Kneeland, Abner   
King James Bible 1611 Group of 47 scholars  
Concordant Literal Version Knoch, Adolph Ernst   
Worrell New Testament 1904 Worrell, Adolphus S.  
Jerusalem Bible, The New Testament of the Jones, Alexander Editor  
Holy Bible An Improved Edition, The American Baptist Publication Society  
Holy Bible, The 1902 American Bible Society  
Bible in World Wide English Cressman, Annie  
Holman Christian Standard Bible Farstad, Arthur   
Barclay New Testament William Barclay Barclay, William   
Christian Community Bible Hurault, Bernardo & others  
Plain Translation, A McCarron, Bird   
Black New Testament Black, Dr. David Alan   
King James Version New Testament, Revised Haugaard, Brad   
William's New Testament Williams, Charles Bray   
New Testament in Plain English Williams, Charles Kingsley   
Holy Bible, The Thomson, Charles   
Holy Scriptures of the Old Covenant, The Wellbeloved, The Rev Charles   
Revised Version 1885 Ellicott, C.J. & others  
Truth New Testament, The Urquhart, Colin   
International Standard Version Group  
Confraternity Version Confraternity of Christian Doctrine  
Mace New Testament Mace, Daniel   
Complete Jewish bible Stern, David H.   
Palmer Translation Palmer, David Robert   
Positive Infinity New Testament Warrington, Don C.   
Douay-Rhiems Bible Douay-Rhiems Colleges   
Contemporary English Version Newman, Dr. Barclay & Others  
Everlasting Gospel New Testament McCord, Dr. Carl Hugo  
Curtis Old Testament Curtis, Dr. Ed   
Companion Bible, The Bullinger, Dr. E. W.   
Good News Translation  Bratcher, Dr. Robert G.   
Plain English Bible Morris, Dr. Stanley L.   
Voice New Testament, The Ecclesia Bible Society  
Goodspeed New Testament Goodspeed, Edgar J.   
The Bible: An American Translation Goodspeed, Edgar J. 1923  
Taylor New Testament, The Taylor, Edgar   
Liberal Translation of the New Testament, A Harwood, Edward   
New International Version Palmer, Edwin H. & others  
Corrected English New Testament, The Group   
New Century Version Bishop, Ervin & others  
King James Version, New Group  
Noli New Testament Noli, Fan S. Ph. D.  
Spencer New Testament Spencer, Francis Aloysius   
Non-Ecclesiastical New Testament, A Daniels, Frank   
Modern American Bible, The Ballentine, Frank Schell   
Numerical Bible, The Grant, Frederick W.   
Coulter New Testament Coulter, Fred R.   
Original Bible, The Coulter, Fred R.   
Revised Webster Bible Cernava, Gary   
New Covenant Commonly Called The New Testament, The Day, George E. editor  
Lamsa Bible Lamsa, George M.   
Noyes New Testament Noyes, George R. D.D.  
Swann New Testament Swann, George   
Coptic New Testament Southern Dialect Horner, George William  
Wakefield New Testament Wakefield, Gilbert B.A.  
New Life Version Ledyard, Gleason and Kathryn   
Aramaic-English Interlinear NT Bauscher, Glenn David   
Book of the New Covenant, The Penn, Granville   
Revised English Bible, The Group   
Recovery Version Group  
Twentieth Century New Testament, The Group   
Recovery Version NT, The  Group  
Great Book, The Group   
Geneva Bible, The Group  
New American Standard Bible Group   
God's New Covenant Cassirer, Heinz W.   
Montgomery version Montgomery, Helen Barrett   
Centenary Version Montgomery, Helen Barrett   
ExeGeses Ready Research Bible Jahn, Herb  
ExeGeses Companion Bible Jahn, Herb  
Aramaic New Covenant Jahn, Herb  
New International Readers Version International Bible Society  
Numeric English New Testament Ivan Panin  
Clear Word Bible, The Blanco, Jack J   
New Testament of the Sacred Scriptures Bethel Edition Meyer, Jacob O.   
Kleist - Lilly New Testament Kleist - Lilly, James Joseph  
Moffatt Version Moffatt, James   
Murdock New Testament Murdock, James   
Nourse New Testament Nourse, James   
New Simplified Bible, The Madsen, James R   
king James II Green, Jay P.   
King James Version, Modern Green, Jay P. (Sr).  
Literal Translation of the New Testament Green, Jay P. (Sr).  
king James III Green, Jay P.   
Disciples Bible, The Huddleston, Jeff   
Jewish Publication Soceity Old Testament Huddleston, Jeff   
JPS-ASVII Huddleston, Jeff NT  
Old Testament, 1927 Smith, J.M. Powis ed  
Young's Literal Translation of the Holy Bible Young, J.N.   
Holy Bible Recovery Version ,The Ingalls, John C.   
Holy Bible, The 1840 Caunter, John Hobart B.D. ,Notes by Rev.  
Revised Translation and Interpretation of the Sacred Scriptures, A Ray, John Mills   
Darby Bible Darby, John Nelson   
Wesley's New Testament Wesley, John   
Etheridge Translation Etheridge, John Wesley M.A.  
New Covenant, The Hanson, John Wesley A, M., D. D.  
Worsley New Testament Worsley, John   
Mitchell, New Testament Mitchell, Jonathan   
Emphasized Bible, The 1902 Rotherham, Joseph Bryant   
New Testament Critically Emphasized, The Rotherham, Joseph Bryant   
Joseph Smith Translation Smith, Joseph   
Julia E. Smith Translation Smith Parker, Julia E.   
Webster Bible W\strongs Pierce, Larry   
Sawyer New Testament Sawyer, Leicester Ambrose   
Revised Standard Version (Apocrapha) Weigle, Luther A. & others.  
St Paul Catholic Edition New Testament Wauck, Mark A. & others  
King James Version, American  Engelbrite, Michael Peter (Stone)   
Coverdale Bible, The Coverdale, Miles   
Knox Translation Knox, Monsignor Ronald   
New Testament, The Two KJV's in Parallel Williams, Moseley H. revision history  
New World Translation Group  
Webster Bible Webster, Noah   
New Testament notes by Leathes Leathes, Rev Stanley M. A. notes by  
Cooke New Testament, The Cooke, Oliver D.   
Complete Apostles Bible, The Esposito, Paul W.   
English Majority Text Version Esposito, Paul W.   
Evidence Bible, The Comfort, Ray   
Carey New Testament Carey, Rev. William H.   
Power New Testament, The Morford, Rev. William J.   
Lattimore New Testament Lattimore, Richmond (Richard) Alexander   
Good News for Modern Man Bratcher's, Robert   
New Dispensation, The Weekes, Robert Dodd.   
Byzantine Greek New Testament w/Strong's Pierpont, Robinson   
Catholic P. Domain Version of the Holy Bible Conte, Ronald L. Jr.  
Distilled Bible, The Greenhill, Roy   
English Jubilee Bible, The Stendal, Russell Martin   
Davidson New Testament Davidson, Samuel   
SBLGNT Society of Biblical Literature  
Purefied New Testament, The Reynolds, Stephen Mills   
Weaver New Testament Weaver, S. Townsend   
Common Edition, New Testament  Clontz, Thomas   
Comprehensive New Testament Clontz, Thomas   
Comprehensive Orthodox New Testament Clontz, Thomas   
Jefferson Bible, The Jefferson, Thomas   
Matthew Bible Matthew, Thomas   
Newberry Bible, The Newberry, Thomas Notes   
Thomas Scott Bible  Scott, Thomas notes by  
Twofold New Testament, The Green, Thomas Sheldon . M.A.  
New American Standard Bible 1995 update Deahl, Timothy L.   
Resurrection Life New Testament Garcia, Vince   
Conservative Version, A Porter, Walter L.   
Godbey Translation Godbey, W. B.   
New Revised Standard Version Beardslee, William A.   
The Living Bible Bower, William Clayton   
An Understandable Version Paul, William E.   
Riverside New Testament Ballantine, William G.   
Newcome's New Testament Newcome, William   
Primitive New Testament, The Whiston, William   
Easy to Read Version World Bible Translation Center  
Holy Bible, The Sharpe, Samuel   
Greek New Testament, Westcott-Hort w/Strongs Westcott-Hort   
Greek New Testament Stephanus  Stephanus  
New Living Translation, The Hall, Bolton  
Norlie Simplified New Testament Norlie, Olaf M. Ph.D., S.T.D., Litt.D  
Adelphi New Testament, The Cunnington, E.E..  
Ainslie New Testament, The Ainslie, Robert  
Aldine Bible: The New Testament, The Lyttelton, James and Delia  
American Union Version (NT). American Bible Union  
An Exposition of the New Testament Woodruff, Hezekiah  
Annotations on the New Testament of Jesus Christ;  Witham, Robert.  
Anointed Standard Version    
Apostolic Bible Polyglot   
Authentic New Testament, The Schonfield, Hugh.  
Baxter New Testament with a paraphrase and notes; Richard Baxter.  
Bayly Old Testament, The Anselm Bayly.  
Beginner’s Bible, A Anselm Bayly.  
Bengel New Testament, The Bengel, John  
Better Version of the New Testament, The Estes, Chester  
Bible (A Condensed Version), The Welsch, Howard  
Bible Designed to be Read as Living Literature, The Bates, Ernest  
Bible for Family Reading, The   
Bible for Young Christians   
Bible in Brief Ross, Peter  
Bible in Living English, The Byington, Steven  
Bible in Simplified English, The   
Bible in Verse, The Fellows John.  
Bible Reader, The   
Black Bible Chronicles    
Book of Books (NT), The Wilson, R. Mercer.  
Book of Life (NT), The Copp, Zed  
Bowes New Testament, The  Bowes, J.  
Cambridge Shorter Bible, The   
Children’s King James Bible: New Testament, The Green, Jay.  
Children’s New Testament,The Ledyard, Gleason  
Christ Emphasis New Testament, The Craddock Edward  
Christian Counselor’s New Testament, The Adams, Jay  
Christian’s Bible: New Testament, The LeFevre, George  
Clarified New Testament, The Parker, P.G.  
Clarke and Pyle New Testament, The Clarke and Pyle, Samuel Thomas.  
Clarke Bible Clarke, Samuel   
Clarke New Testament Shortened, The Clarke, W.K.  
Clarke New Testament, The Clarke, Edward  
Clementson New Testament: A Translation, The   
Common translation corrected, The Edward Wells.  
Compact Bible, The Excel, Pat  
Compact Bible, The Nicholson, Margaret  
Concise Jewish Bible (OT), The Birnbaum, Philip  
Corrected English New Testament, The Lloyd, Samuel  
Cotton Patch Version Jordan, Clarence  
Crickmer New Testament Englished, The Crickmer, William  
Critical Emphatic Paraphrase of the New Testament, A Roth, Vincent  
Dartmouth Bible, The   
Davidson New Testament, The Davidson, Samuel  
Distilled Bible: New Testament, The Greenhill, Roy  
Documents of the New Testament, The Wade, G.W.  
Doddridge New Testament; Doddridge, Philip.  
Emphatic Diaglott (NT) , The Wilson, Benjamin  
Emphatic New Testament, The Taylor, John  
Etheridge New Testament, The Etheridge, J.W.   
Everyday Bible, The Sheldon, Charles  
Living Oracles New Testament Group See Bio Click for Bio Page 
Giles New Testament, The Gile, J.A.  
Good News of Our Lord Jesus, the Anointed, The  Wbiting, Nathan  
Gospel of God’s Anointed (NT), The Greaves, Alexander  
Guyse New Testament in the form of a Paraphrase; Guyse, John  
Haweis New Testament; Thomas, Haweis  
Heylin New Testament Heylin, John  
Historical Bible, The Kent, Charles  
Holy Bible (OT), The Gollancz, Hermann  
Holy Bible Adapted for Young Christians. The   
Holy Bible containing The Old and New Covenant, The Thomson, Charles.  
Holy Bible for Children, The Johsmann, Allan  
Holy Bible for Daily Reading, The Genders, J.W.  
Holy Bible for Young Readers (NT), The Mackail, J.W.  
Holy Bible in Modern English. The Fenton, Ferrar  
Holy Bible, Hebrew and English (OT), The Alexander, A.  
Holy Bible, The Conquest, J.T.  
Holy Bible, The Group  
Holy Bible, The Husse, T J  
Holy Bible, The Kendrick, A.C (NT).  
Holy Bible, The Kenric, Francis  
Holy Bible, The Townsend, George  
Holy Bible, The Watson, J.  
Holy Bible, The Young. Robert  
Holy Name Bible, The Traina, A.B.  
Holy Scriptures According to the Masoretic Text (OT) , The   
Holy Writings of the First Christians (NT) , The Caldecott, J.M.  
Homiletical and Exegetical Version of the Bible, A MacLean, Charles  
Jackson New Testament, The Jackson, Cortes  
Jerusalem Bible Fisch, Harold   
Jewish Family Bible (OT); Friedlander, Michael  
Jewish School and Family Bible (OT); Benisch, A.  
Lexham English Bible   
Lindsay New Testament. The Lindsay, Thomas  
Literary Man’s New Testament, The Courtney, W.L..  
Living Bible, The Ballou, Robert  
Living Bible, The Taylor, Kenneth  
Living Scriptures, The Green, Jay  
McClellan. New Testament, The McClellan. John  
Message, The Peterson, Eugene H.  
Messages of the Bible, The Group  
Modem American Bible, The Ballentine, Frank  
Modern Language Bible Verkuyl, Gerrit  
Modern Reader’s Bible, The Moulton, Richard  
modern, correct, and close translation of the New Testament, A Williams, William.  
2001 Translation Wheeler, James & Others Click for Bio page 
Accurate New Testament Harness, Mark D.  Click for Bio page 
Berkeley Version, New Verkuyl, Dr. Gerrit   
Berkeley Version Verkuyl, Dr. Gerrit  Click for Bio page 
Coptic New Testament Northern Dialect Horner, George William Click for Bio page 
Literal Translation of the New Testament, A Heinfetter, Herman   
Free Bible Version Gallagher, Dr. Jonathan  Click for Bio page 
Letchworth Version in Modern English, The Ford, T.F. and R.E.  
Showing 334 items