Tips to Sell Fast

FIRST IMPRESSION - Buyers begin formulating opinions on the home as the second the are pulling in driveway.  Make your first impression count!

Curb Appeal ~ Make sure that your grass is freshly cut, the shrubs are trimmed, leaves are raked and all plant (if any) are in good condition.

Exterior Condition ~ If you have wood siding, consider stain it or applying a fresh layer of paint.  For vinyl siding, power washing is great way to bring out the color. 

Front Door ~ Fresh paint and squeaky storm doors.  New door knob and deadbolt (seriously... If it is hard for a buyers REALTOR to get in, buyers will immediately think the house is not well kept!)

Interior Condition - Maintaining a home to be "Show Ready" is a crucial component to achieving a successful sale.

Cosmetics ~ Fresh Paint and Carpet will get you 100%+ return on your money.  More importantly, appeal to more buyers with the "New Home Feel". 

Personal Items ~ Remove all personal items like family pictures, unique art, refrigerator magnet, and collectible items.

DE-Clutter ~ Less is more!  Counter tops should be cleared off, Bathrooms should not show cosmetics items, kids toys need to be put away, and walls should have minimal picture frames.  This will open the rooms up and make them feel bigger.

Day to Day ~ Selling a home is not a lifestyle.  Try and get in the habit of doing the small things that we are supposed to but sometimes put off until later because of our busy lives.  Make Beds, Fluff Pillows, NO dishes in the sink, fold blankets on couches, clean counter, dust, rake leaves, and always shovel after a good snow fall.  

Insentives to Buyers 

Home Warranty ~ Statistics show that sellers that provide the buyers with a home warranty sell for 3% more and 50% faster. The cost for these are around $400

Inspection ~ This is a HUGE benefit to the sellers.  If you get an inspection on the home, fix some of the repairs needed, prove to the buyers these repairs were fixed, it eliminates the risk of a buyers ridiculous counter after they get their inspection.  There are many things that come up in an inspection that can stop a home from selling.  It is better to address these issues before they arise.  Inspection cost around $300.  

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