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How to determine you homes sale value.
The best way to determine what your homes value is is to compare it to other similar properties that have recently sold (0-100 days back).  Sure your home may have nicer features or may even be lacking some features that the other SOLD homes have.  This is where you make adjustments to the price.  Adjustment are pretty subjective when making them but they also hold different value to buyers. Fireplace for example,  one buyer might see a $3000 value in that where another might see it as more maintenance for the home and not want to pay more for it.  At the end of the day, there are going to plus and minus with similar homes eventually evening out the playing field.  The best feature to look at will be price per square foot.  You will probably find a range, so based on the features of the home, you can determine which side of the range your home will fall into.  Remember, even though you have sentiment for your home, buyers don't.  Think statistically when pricing your home and try and suppress attachment.  The first month of being listed is crucial.  Price your home right the first time, it will sell faster, and for more money.

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