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A step by step guide to making money online for the beginner

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Make Money Promoting Affiliate Links

Making money through affiliate links is easily the best compensated, and most used form of online business. I will be showing you now how to promote these sites as well as others to start making the real money. I hope you are excited, because you have found one of the few guides that will actually generate income for you, and you pay me nothing!  

Here is how it works:

  1. You need to think of a hobby, or talent you have that you have a good deal of knowledge about. Everyone has one, what is yours.? It's important that you choose your business to be related to something you enjoy. Ex. I have a background in business management, and I am very opinionated. Therefore I give business advice.
  2. Next you will need to create an account with an affiliate network, I recommend commission junction but you can do a google search and find one you like. 
  3. Once you sign up to one or more affiliate networks, you will need to search for businesses that are related to your category you choose in step one. Apply to all of these  programs, some of these will approve you on the spot. Don't worry if some don't approve you, they do this due to a high percentage of spam from new affiliates. They will approve you later, just get the businesses that you can. 
  4. Now you advertise their products with an affiliate link, which is a special link that your affiliate network will give you so they know when you referred the customer. 
Does that sound simple enough? If so keep reading, and we will get you up and running. The basic concept is very simple, however you will be up against fierce competition so there are a few tips and tricks I want to show you.

There are many methods to promote affiliate links, but I am going to show you a way that you can maximize your profits by creating one web page to promote. By doing this you only have one link to promote instead of promoting each individual link. Don't let that scare you, creating a web  page isn't as hard as you think, and I will provide you with tips and a list of web hosts with simple to use website builders. Just click to get started creating your website. You can also promote your links individually , however having one page with many links will create more income with less expense.

O.K. so now you I'm assuming that you already have a category in mind, and joined an affiliate program such as commission junction.

You will need to do some research on the links, and set an advertising budget. Read about link research and advertising budgets here

After doing the proper research and setting your advertising budget, its now time to start promoting your website. Below is a list of the most powerful forms of website promotion. Many people make the mistake of trying every form of advertisements they can find. I suggest that you pick one at a time, give yourself time to learn how to properly use them. Trust me everyone of these methods work for people everyday. If they are not working for you, its not the fault of the program. Take time to read and learn!

Pay Per Click advertising

Pay per click advertising is the most popular form of website promotion at this time. Pay per click is just what it sounds like. You create an ad which will display in search results or websites for the keywords of your choice.  You will bid against other website owners for certain keywords.

Ex. if your website is about dog training, you would bid on keywords related to dog training. 

Pay per click advertising produces the most amount of results, however it is also the hardest to master. The good news is that most users don't bother to look into how to properly create a pay per click ad, so there isn't that much competition on smart keywords. 

Most users bid on the fist keywords that come to mind, and they sit the ads up and are so disappointed when they spend $100 to make $20. So all you have to do is capitalize on that, and bid  stratigicly on long tail keywords. 

Example of long tail keywords: Dog training in Alaska, train your puppy, how to house train stubborn puppies. 

More than likely you will never get on the first page of search results with the more common keywords. I'm not saying to avoid them all together, but you remember your budget! What you will be doing instead is to bid on many long tail keywords instead of a few common keywords. This will actually keep your ad relevant as well providing even more value for your budget, and by the visitors staying on your site longer you will start to build a reputation with the free search engines.

Another mistake that is commonly made with pay per click advertising is only using one pay per click advertiser. The wider you can spread you advertising on the internet the better.

Popular pay per click advertising sites: