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Step one

You will be signing up for a few different websites, which you will need to recieve emails from. It's a good idea to create a new email address to keep this seperate from your personal emails, especially if you recieve allot of spam. You can get a free email address at gmail, or yahoo.


Step Two

You can make money with this process without spending a dime! However if you stand to make more money with a small investment on some of these sites. Best part is, all of the investments you make will be purchasing products or services that you could use anyway, and the pay off is greater when you put a little money into it. If you choose this option, we highly recomend puchasing a .  Purchase a through this link, $20 to $30 should be enough, you can add more later if you need to. Once again it's not necessary to get a card so if you choose not to do so it's ok, just move on to step two.


Step Three

Now that you have ordered your card it's time to sign up for the sites. You will be making money on these sites using a variety of methods. You will get paid to fill out surveys, read emails, sign up for free trials for products, and services, and the last part is where we come in and help you maximize your products. Most people just do the sign ups, and the surveys and thats it, but they are missing out on the biggest earning potential which is advertising the websites. Later in this guide we will teach you to effectively promote these websites and make money by refering other users. For now though go ahead and sign up to as many of the sites below as you like. The more you use, the more you make.  

If you are only choosing a couple of sites, pick the ones at the top. They have a higher sign up bonus, and are rated the highest by users.

  1. snapdollars
  2. inboxdollars
  3. cashcrate
  4. Makethatdollar
  5. Swatcash
  6. cashgrab
  7. Prize live
  8. comegetcash

Step four

Once you have signed up to the programs you can then search through the offers and complete for cash. Each offer will take you 1to 5 minutes to complete, most are rather short. You can search for free offers, highest paying, etc. depeding upon the offers you wish to recieve. You should easily be able to make $50 to $200 within a couple of hours. It will take a while to complete every offer, and new offers will post daily.


Now that you have learned the process to make the quick cash, it's time to learn how to create a more steady and fun income. Learn to promote these sites and other sites for money.