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Creating a website for the beginner 


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Before creating your website you will need to come up with three important search engine optimization (seo) factors. SEO is how a search engine determines your page's relevancy to a search performed. You will need title, keywords, and description. These three factors are very important to showing up in search results, so they should be well researched and though out.


Keywords are simply a short word or phrase that describes your site. These will be placed in the meta tags of your website, and its purpose is to inform the search engines that your site should be shown when someone searces for these terms on sites such as yahoo. has a great free tool you can use to come up with good unique keywords for your page. Think of the term or terms that you searched for to find this site (ex. make money online) and place them into wordtrackers search box. You will be shown a list of related keywords, and the average daily amount of searches for the given term. Select five of the most popular terms that will be the most related to your site. 

I'm sure you have by now thought of how your webpage will be creative and different, if not than start thinking! Now you need to come up with five more longer keyphrases that are less popular but more related to your site. 

The best tool for selecting these is google's keyword tool Type in your main keyword (ex. make money online) and it will give you some creative ideas and shows you the average amount of searches per month, as well as the amount of competition you will be up against. Now select five long keyphrases that will be unique to your site. 

Now you have ten, use these ten when they ask you for keywords. (you can vary less or more by 1 or 2 if needed)

 Some examples: make money online for beginners,  make money online live support, making money online in chicago. 

hint: targeting locations is a great way to stand out. Another hint chicago has one of the highest search rates for making money online


Now you need a title for your website. You only have one 3 to 5 words to sum up your website, so do it wisely. Your title should be short and precise in telling the search engines as well as users what your site is about, and why it's unique. This will normally contain your web page's most popular keyword. Ex. Easy Money Online, Make Money Completing Surveys, Chicago Online Income, etc. When your page shows up in search terms this is the title that will be shown. 

Tip: You should make your title so that users will desire to click on it, however make sure it is as relevant as possible. Search engines base rank on how long surfers stay on your page. If they are not staying on your page long than you will fall in to the bottom of search results.


Your description shows up under your title in search results, and allows you to pick up where you left off with the title. Sum up within two sentences what your site has to offer, and why its better, or different from your competition. Include your main keyword in the description for the search engines, but only once.

Just the same as the title you will want to make your title appealing but relevant. You don't want surfers hitting the back button. 

Choosing a webhost

Now that you have a specific audience and keywords in mind, and created a title and description that fits its time to create your website. You will first need to find a webhost. 

A webhost is simply supplies you with web space to place your site so its viewable at all times. I highly recommend SiteBuild it who has arguably the best reputation in all the internet. Here is a alternative list of webhosts with a sitebuilder

You will need to pick a domain name which is simply the address for user to find your site (ex. While ebay and google have made their company a name that most everyone knows, the chances of you doing the same are next to none. Try to pick a domain that is easy to remember, includes your keyword, and describes your site (ex.


Now it's time to create your website content. You can either hire someone to write content for you, or you can write it yourself. Don't be scared to write the content, its not as difficult as you may think. There are a few basic seo strategies you will need to keep in mind. 

First and foremost you should write your content with your targeted visitor in mind. Write content that will be useful, appealing, and tell your reader something that they may not know. Concern yourself first with your reader and then with the search engines.

Keyword density - Keyword density is the ratio of keywords to content. Everyone has a different opinion as to what is the perfect keyword density. Though there are many that will disagree with me, I suggest you keep it at or below 2% Check your keyword density here.

Paragraphs - Use short two and three word sentences. Most internet surfers are short of time and have a low attention span. Breaking your content into short paragraphs makes it appear to be short. 

Highlighter - Use the highlighter tool to highlight word or phrases of importance. Many people will just skim over a page, highlighting important phrases will catch their eye and they will read it. 

 Logo - I highly recommend that you hire someone to Create an eye appealing logo that is unique to your webpage. This will help you to keep a few visitors that would click off of your site. The average user will click back off of your website without even giving it a chance just by the appearance of the site. Create an eye appealing logo to capture these visitors.