A step by step guide to making money online for the beginner


 About us

This site is owned and operated by just us two, Kevin & Lisa Shearin. We own a few websites, but this one is by far our favorite because it allows us to help others who arein a similar situation as we were a few years ago. 

We have been working online for three years now, and are still loving every single second of it. We started out just like everyone else purchasing a bunch of products claiming to help us build a profitable online business and ofcourse they all failed. It wasn't because they were all bad programs (though some were)  they just wasn't for us. 

We eventually found ebay and quickly became a power seller. We were up and running, profiting about $6000 per month with dvd sales. We did this for about a year before having problems, and let me tell you ebay is a great place to start making money online, untill you have a problem. 

According to ebay they were informed that we were violating a copyrights of a major network, and thats all they would tell us. Who, why, and what is still a mystery to us, we certainly wasn't selling illegal dvds. So they suspended our account, froze all of our money in paypal, and took the liberty to refund customers who's packages were in the shipping process. WOW! We called ebay and thinking that paying them over $3000 per month would hold some weight. Nope! 

It took a while but we have rebounded from the loss of ebay, and found something much better. Network marketing, or affiliate marketing which requires no packing, shipping, etc. Affiliate marketing is a very fun, very rewarding business. So after gaining some knowledge we decided to create this site to help others.

It is our goal for this site to help others learn what has taken us allot of time, research, trial and error to succeed at. 

In our experience the problems with sites that claim to teach you how to make money online are:

  • They promise you something they can't deliver
  • They make a mile long page of promises, but never tell you anything about the product. 
  • Make you give up your email address with the promise you will learn more, but only send you spam trying once again to sell you this product. 
  • Insult your intelligence fake obvious fake customer praise, and pictures of exotic cars. 

It is our goal to be different and provide users with realistic goals, and advice on making money online.

 If you are looking to build a business that  only requires two hours a day and no investment, than this site isn't for you. The fact is that if you are looking for something like that, your best bet is a lottery ticket because it can happen but you have better odds with the lottery ticket.

If you have a recommendation to make this site provide a better service, please contact us.