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Christmas Lights 2010 - Amazing Grace

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Amazing Grace

2010 was our first computerized Christmas shows. When preparing for the show I watched hundreds of Youtube videos of other shows for inspiration and one of my favorite displays was done by Richard Holdman. I downloaded his Amazing Grace 2007 sequence from his website and adapted it to my display. The original music was cut down to make the song shorter. Song starts off slow with fades and ends with a strong beat. Often had people dancing outside to this one.

 "Amazing Grace (Party Version)" by Yule. Album: Clubbing Christmas. Pulsive Media 2008

 We decorated our Round Rock, TX home with 14,260 energy efficient LED lights. These lights sip only 11.6 amps of power compared to the 50-75 amps that the older style would have consumed. We use a computer to synchronize the lights to music on 32 channels that we play over a low-power FM transmitter. A sign in the lawn tells driver-bys to "Listen to our Lights on 106.9 FM" using their car stereos.

We also have 17 dancing trees, 7 deer, 3 inflatibles, and since we're in Texas a Christmas cactus as well.

We respect artists and are always sure to purchase music that we use in our Christmas light display.