Hello & Welcome to the Hard, Heavy & Loud Shwag Music Playlist and Podcast Directory. The primary focus is the genres
of rock which include garage, grunge, punk, heavy metal, psycho-billy, and all in between.
All podcast broadcasters listed in the site offer free downloads of their shows. The site is a collection of music I listen to and made public so I could share with other like-minded people. It is gradually growing and will continue to do so.

All podcast throughout were created with music from creative commons, archive.org, record label connected and other
podsafe music networks such as musicalley where I get the mp3 files for my own podcast. All pod safe legal downloads.

Da Willys - Bad Personality
80's New York Punk Rock

YouTube Music Video

Psych Out - garage bands of the 60's ★★★★★
Creative Commons Download (right click, save link/file as...) PsychOut.mp3

 Best Of Archive.org Garage Music (loaded with good tunes)

Texas Garage Music - The Alcoholic Helltones (30 min.)
Rock / Garage Punk / Fuzz / Underground / Trash Rock
Formed in Victoria Tx. in 1996, the members have since disbanded.
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  The Urges - 60s Sound Garage Rock Psych Music Podcast (30 min.)
1 Read The Signs - 2 It Ain't Right - 3 So Uptight - 4 Your Gonna Find Out
5 You Don't Look So Good To Me - 6 13th Floor - 7 Psych Ward - 8 Theme Song
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The Holstered - Rock / Garage - Miami Florida

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The Scumbugs - 60's Garage Sound - Bergen Norway