Introduction 簡介



<細聽香港>是跨媒體創作及研究計劃, 旨在研究及保存香港特色的聲境, 並在香港不斷急速發展的同時, 利用在地錄音保留許多即將消逝而且值得懷念的事情, 使我們日後可以隨時隨地、掛上耳機並聲遊故地。

<細聽香港>是從<Hong Kong Diary Series>發展延伸出來的一個長期計劃, 現有三份作品: <細聽香港I>、<The Coastlines>及<想像實境>。

Have you ever noticed the sounds around us?

Will they still be preserved after 1 or 2 decades?

'Listen.HK' is an intermedia research project which aims to preserve the unique soundmark and soundscape in Hong Kong, as memorable things are disappearing under the rapid development of the city. The sound arrangements are kept in and downloadable from this archive website. You may trace back the memories through hearing at any place, any time and any where.

'Listen.HK' is derived from <Hong Kong Diary Series> and consists of 3 projects at this stage: 'Listen.HK I', 'The Coastlines' and 'Imaginative Reality'.