Roman Daily Life - Overview

This pathfinder is intended to support LIS Year 7 Humanities students in their study of Roman Daily life. 

Year 7 Students, your task is to create a Fakebook account for a person who lived during Ancient Roman times.  You will work individually to create your character's Fakebook account.  Through posted photographs, status updates, clubs and "likes", you will refer to the following aspects of Roman Daily life:

  • Entertainment 
  • Religion 
  • Family Life
  • Food

Each topic can be divided into sub groups. You must mention at least one of the sub-topics on your Fakebook page:

Roman Entertainment

  • The theatre 
  • The bath house 
  • Childrenʼs games 
  • Chariot Racing

Roman Religion

  • Roman gods 
  • Transition to Christianity 
  • Religious tolerance

Roman Family Life

  • Role of women
  • Education
  • Funerals and Weddings
  • Mothers and Fathers

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