You have accepted a challenge that can change your life, and joined a worldwide family of millions of people.

The award is tough!  It is not easily achieved.  Yet at the same time, any young person aged 14-25 can gain an Award at Bronze, Silver, and Gold level.  This seeming contradiction is explained by the basic idea that the Award is about individual challenge. Every individual is different; so too are your challenges.  With guidance from adults, you should be encouraged to examine yourself, your interest, abilities, and ambitions and then set yourself challenges in the FOUR different Sections of the Award.  You will get out of the Award what you put into it.  There are no short cuts to a real sense of achievement  it has to be earned.

These challenges should require persistance and determination to overcome.  Along the way you may feel daunted or want to give up, but at the end you will have the satisfaction of knowing you overcame the challenges and succeeded, learning about yourself, your hidden depths of character and developing as a human being in the process.  Now that's a sense of achievement!

The Award is a balanced programme with a framework of FOUR Sections.  Entry into the Award voluntary and open to all young people aged between 14-25.  There is no competition between participants.  Once you have completed each Section, and the additional requirement of a Residential Project at Gold level, the Record Book should be sent to your Award authority for approval and arrangements will be made to present you with your Award.

Good luck, and well done for accepting this challenge.