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2012-2013 Workshops

Integrating the Common Core into Your Library Program, 
LISMA Workshop, Oct. 4, 2012
LISMA’s Integrating the Common Core into Your Library Program workshop led by former MS Librarian, Olga Nesi from the Office of Library Services/NYC Dept. of Education was one of the most highly attended workshops in recent years. NYC Dept. of Education’s Information Fluency Continuum, its grade by grade Benchmark Skills Assessments, and the Common Core/Information Fluency Continum Alignment were explained step-by-step. Invaluable hand-out materials and hands-on-activities enabled all attendees to collaborate with one another to internalize their role in implementing these new standards. Discussion afterwards led to the possibility of scheduling a more in-depth workshop before the end of the calendar year.


The following materials were created by the New York City Department of Education/ Office of Library Services and the New York City School Library System as part of the Information Fluency Continuum. You are free to use and to modify the Word Documents to suit your needs, but you must give credit to the NYC Department of Education and the NYC School Library System.

Information Fluency Continuum Benchmark Skills and Assessments (.pdf)
Contains the Benchmark Skills and Assessments Grade K-2 (118 pages)

Information Fluency Continuum/Common Core Learning Standards (.pdf)
This section features alignment documents for each grade, K through 12, between the New York City Information Fluency Connutinuum (IFC) and the New York State Common Core Learning Standards for literacy: Reading Standards for Literature; Reading Standards for Informational Text; Writinng Standards; and Speaking and Listening Standards. Also included are documents that align the IFC with Reading and Writing Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies and Science and Technical Subjects for grades 6-12. These documents show the close connection between information literacy/inquiry skills taught through the library and the Common Core. 
(207 pages)

Citizenship in the Digital Age (.pdf)
Sample lesson plans for grades 1-12 (173 pages)
Lesson plans grade by grade (zipped format)

Assessments by Grade Level (zipped format)
The assessments are Word documents that may be modified for your classes. However, Please be sure to give proper credit to the NYC Department of Education and to the NYC School Library System

Meet Sara Beth Durst
Thursday, October 18, 2012
 Sarah Beth Durst – has written many novels Drink, Slay, Love, Enchanted Ivy, and Ice, as well as middle grade novels Into the Wild and Out of the Wild.   Her love of fantasy stories has led her to become one of Long Island’s popular Young Adult literature authors.  Sarah gave all the workshop attendees personal insight into the writing process.  Afterwards, Sarah graciously offered to sign her books that were made available for purchase.
Susan Glaser Long Island History Day
LISMA Workshop, November 29, 2012
Long Island History Day Coordinator Susan Glaser, provided a very in-depth look into the whole LI History Day process from selection of research topics, the variety of student project categories, to the final judging criterion.  The 2013 theme is Turning Points in History.

Smart Phone APPS for Education
Presenter: Daryl Grabarek
LISMA Workshop, January 15, 2013
Ms. Daryl Grabarek, editor of School Library Journal's blog Touch and Go provided a look into the world of apps and enhanced books for children and teens. She discussed trends, developers, and features unique to this format. The workshop concentrated heavily on Storybook apps and the attendees walked away with a listing of many that could be applied in the school library.

Daryl also edits Curriculum Connections
Curriculum Connections is a free monthly enewsletter from School Library Journal of interest to professionals working with students Kindergarten through Grade 12. Features include thematic articles on topics ranging from Black History Month and Earth Day to poetry books and classic titles. Each issue also includes an interview with an author or illustrator, “Nonfiction Notes,” and reviews of professional resources. The Common Core State Standards and their impact on public and school librarians are addressed in a monthly column, and in suggestions on how to use the recommended material in the classroom.

Teaching with Documents Sponsored by the National Archives of the United States
Presenter: Christopher Zaar
LISMA Workshop, February 5, 2013
Mr. Zaar is an Education Specialist for the National Archives at NYC.  He conducted a workshop on how teaching with primary documents not only encourages a varied learning environment for teachers and students alike, but supports the Common Core Learning Standards for reading informational texts.  Christopher highlighted the use of  Docs Teach which is an amazing Web Tool that helps to make History come to Life. Teachers simply find and insert primary sources into a customizable and very slick template in order to customize the activity to fit their unique students. This is one of those awesome sites that make teaching easier and more fun while exciting the students and engaging them to learn at the same time.
Google Re-Boot
Presenters: Anne Brusca and Karen Kleigman,
LISMA Workshop, March 13, 2013

This workshop focused mainly on Google Lit Trips and Blogger and how to incorporate them into your lessons in order to create amazing, engaging projects that support the curriculum and foster collaboration with faculty and staff.