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Monthly Featured Resources

New for May 2016

Reason2Smile is a 501c3 registered non-profit whose mission is to support the Jambo Jipya School  and Children's Home (23 orphans) in Mtwapa, Kenya. It sponsors students from kindergarten through 12th grade and provides them an education, two meals a day, school supplies and a uniform. R2S has created elementary level curriculum trunks that include a variety of teaching tools to introduce and enhance students’ understanding and appreciation of Kenyan life. They are free and available upon request.

R2S Resource Trunk Description 

Submitted by Donna Rosenblum, Library Media Specialist, Floral Park Memorial Jr/Sr HS

New for April 2016

Family and Consumer Sciences Resources, by Patti Barrett, Library Media Specialist, Long Beach High School

The Family and Consumer Sciences department uses the library throughout the year to jumpstart their Units of Study. In the Culture and Foods class students are required to research origins and uses of various spices and ingredients and the history of pie. Their research allows them to appreciate the origins and uses of specific ingredients throughout the world. The resources are good starting points for lessons on various food topics such as; Spices, Pies, and Alternative Diets.

Click Here for a list of websites and database links related to food and cooking.

New for March 2016

A 2015 AASL App, Kahoot! is another way to integrate technology into your Library curriculum to extend student learning. It works on any device with an Internet connection; no accounts needed; connect and play!  Free.  Submitted by Claire Mitchell, Teacher-Librarian

Kahoot!  One of AASL’s Best Apps for Teaching & Learning 2015

Another way to integrate technology into your curriculum to extend student learning is through Kahoot!  Appropriate for K-12+, it is a game based classroom response system played by the whole class in real time where multiple-choice questions are projected on the screen.   On Kahoot! you can create a quiz or a survey that your students respond to through any device that has a web browser (iPhone, iPad, Android device, Chromebook).

You can also launch ready-made Public Kahoots.  There are many Library topics from Library Lingo, call numbers, and the Dewey Decimal System to MLA citations, plagerism, Digital Citizenship, and the OPAC.

Students do NOT need to have an email nor do they put in their name.  They go to on their device and simply sign on with a “nickname” and input the pin.

 New for February 2016

Carolyn McGuire, Librarian at Rockville Centre HS created a LibGuide on Citing Sources.  She provides information on what to cite, when to cite, parenthetical citations, APA, MLA and more.

South Side High School: Citing Sources

She has also created a Wiki containing a bibliograpy of Theatre resources used in the South Side High School International Baccalaureate (IB) program. 

New for January 2016

Meeting the Needs of all our Students, Large Print Books in the Library, By Gail Limmer, Library Media Specialist, Uniondale High School Library

Click here to read the article

New for December 2015

How can you read the next “hot book” before it lands in your library?  Feed Your Readers' with NetGalley, written by JoBeth Roberts of The Wheatley School, will tell you how.  

Click here to read the article.

New for November 2015

The following is an article written by LISMA Board Member Justin Mirsky. For the past three years Justin has been organizing "Sewanha-Con" a Comic-Con event for his own district.

This article goes into depth regarding how the Con was organized, and what steps you can take to organize a Con in your school district.

New for April 2015

On April 22. 1970 the first Earth Day, millions of Americans mobilized to draw attention to a looming environmental crisis brought about by toxins and pollution.  Forty-five years later, Earth Day has become a national day of awareness, but the environmental crisis still looms, focused now on climate change. 

Earth Day Resources, a list of print and online resources compiled by Patti Barrett, Library Media Specialist Long Beach High School, will help students make informed decisions about the environment.

LiveBinder of Earth Day Resources, compiled by Nadine Paduano, Library Media Specialist, contains websites, lesson plans and activities to celebrate Earth Day

New for March 2015

WATER, A WEB LIST TO SUPPORT ELA MODULE 1 A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park, compiled by Victoria Puccio, Library Media Specialist West Hempstead Middle School. 

Water is essential for life. This month's featured rescource is an annotated list of recommended online resources to support investigations into the politics of water, the water cycle, water as a nutrient, and global environmental and energy issues relating to water. 

New for February 2015

Black History Month Library Ideas for the Secondary Library, compiled by Paige Rowse, Library Media Specialist Syosset High School. 

This month's featured resource is a collection of activities, book recommendations, ideas for speakers, and more,  

New for January 2015

Forever Footprints: Raising Digital Citizens compiled by Jennifer Bleicher, Library Media Specialist, Howitt Middle School.

This month's featured resource is a powerpoint presentation that was used for a "Parent University" and contains links to websites and videos. 

New for December 2014

"Best of 2014" livebinder compiled by Jo Beth Roberts, Library Media Specialist, Wheatley High School

The livebinder goes back over the past few year looking at and analyzing different "Best of 2014" book lists to give a greater grasp of a depth and breadth of quality titles released each year. Some of the featured lists are School Library Journal, New York Times, Kirkus, and even the staff at Jo Beth's school. Click here to access more information.

New for November 2014 

ESL Book Talk Discussion by 
Justin Mirsky & Joseph Nola – Librarians at Sewanhaka High School

This month's featured resource is a discussion based bibliography of various books that librarians Justin Mirsky and Joseph Nola use to book talk to their diverse ESL population. Click here to read it.

New for October 2014

FIRE SAFETY RESOURCES Compiled by Regina DeMarco, Library Media Specialist

Fire Prevention Week is October 5-11, 2014. The resources presented are helpful in planning units and activities on this important topic. They are primarily geared toward lower elementary grades, although some website content can be used for grades 3-5 and possibly middle school. Many resources are aligned with the Common Core standards.

New for September 2014


Compiled by Donna Rosenblum, Library Media Specialist Floral Park Memorial Jr/Sr HS