Agi Rosen, LMS Lawrence High School 

Serving English Language Learners In The Library


 Since receiving this grant, Lawrence High School has had approximately 70 additional students enter from other countries.  This grant is being used to teach the necessary skills to the increasing number of ENL students who will be graduating.

The ENL students at Lawrence HS were introduced to the non-fiction books by writing a mini research paper that included famous people and important events that took place in our history.  The students were very excited to have received these sources, especially since they are written in Spanish. A couple of students took out a few of the fiction books as well.  The goal is to help students assimilate and become proficient readers, speakers, listeners and writers.

The books were ordered through Titlewave and there were twenty-seven in total.  Twenty have arrived, 6 are on back order and one was out of stock which has been replaced with another book.  The list of books is attached.  The total came to $491.52 with the remainder of the money to be spent on spine labels that read “ Spanish”, ordered from Demco at $2.70.   It was decided not to order the incentives – pens, etc. because the resources are a priority and the library already has such items available.

Because the cost of books in Spanish is higher than those written in English, the anticipated order was considerably less than what I had planned.  As a result, picture books did not make the list. 

It is my hope that these books will be an invaluable source for the students and well as their teachers.