Why Choose a Co-op Preschool?

The co-op environment offers parents the opportunity to develop and grow with their child in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

What Parents Gain:

  • Having direct input into how your child's school operates
  • Working directly in your child's classroom
  • Observing your child's interactions with his/her peers
  • Gaining the opportunity to observe and learn effective teaching techniques
  • Developing and understanding of age appropriate behavior and developmental milestones
  • Networking with parents and school community
What Children Gain:
  • Making a more comfortable transition from home to school
  • Sharing school experiences with one's own parent & other nurturing adults in the school community
  • Experience and enhanced/extended curriculum due to greater adult/student ratio
  • Developing effective communication skills and the ability and flexibility to interact with adults.

Our experience has shown that strong parent involvement and commitment to our program ensures a successful first time educational experience for each child. At LPK, parents have direct input into all aspects of the school and share the responsibility for its day to day administration.

Specifically, co-oping parents will:
  • Co-op in the classroom and provide a nutritious snack monthly
  • Select and perform a specific "job" from the "LPK Job Chart" or serve on the Executive Board
  • Participate in fundraising activities
  • Attend all General Membership meetings


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