The Lisbon Group on Institutions and Public Policy is a joint discussion group formed by researchers of the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon and Nova School of Business and Economics.

In the last decades, methods, techniques and theories originally developed in economics have become very influential in other social sciences, and economic approaches to social phenomena and human behavior have produced very fruitful research findings. At the same time, however, economists have also begun to integrate in their research several theoretical approaches and methods originally developed in other disciplines, such as political science, sociology, social psychology, and history.

The Lisbon Group is a forum where research projects and findings addressing methodological and substantive issues of common interest to economists and other social scientists are discussed. It organizes presentations and discussions of working papers authored or co-authored by members of both institutions involved, as well as researchers of other institutions, either as paper presenters, discussants or as members of the audience.

Sessions of the Lisbon Group take place in the first Thursday of every month, from October to June. In this webpage, you can find the Calendar of paper presentations, an archive of previously presented papers, a list of forthcoming presentations and a list with names and the contacts of organizers.