Lisa A. Shabel

Lisa A. Shabel
Associate Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Philosophy 
The Ohio State University 
350 University Hall 
230 North Oval Mall 
Columbus, OH 43210

office: 337N University Hall
temporary office: 314F University Hall  Fall 2019 only 
phone: 614-292-7914
fax: 614-292-7502
email: shabel.1 at



Mathematics in Kant’s Critical Philosophy.  
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Kant: Studies on Mathematics in the Critical Philosophy,co-edited with Emily Carson, Routledge, 2015


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"Zu Kants Frage "Wie ist reine Mathematik möglich?'"  in Kant's Prolegomena: Ein kooperativer Kommentar, Holger Lyre and Oliver Schliemann, eds., Klosterman Press, 2012. This paper was originally written in English and translated by Oliver Schliemann for publication in German. A revised English version is in draft, for publication in a translated edition of the German commentary

"The Transcendental Aesthetic"  in The Cambridge Companion to Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, Paul Guyer, ed., Cambridge University Press, 2010

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"Kant's ‘Argument from Geometry'"  The Journal of the History of Philosophy 42:2, April 2004

"Reflections on Kant’s Concept (and Intuition) of Space" Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 34:1, March 2003

"Kant on the ‘Symbolic Construction’ of Mathematical Concepts" Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 29:4, December 1998;  reprinted in volume XXI of The Philosopher's Annual, a volume containing the ten best articles published in philosophy in 1998


Lexicon Entries ("Mathematics"; "Space") in the Cambridge Kant Lexicon, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming

Review of Sebastian Gardner's Kant and the Critique of Pure Reason, Mind 110: 439, July 2001


Symbolic Logic, Philosophy 2500, Summer 2020

Graduate Seminar on Kant, Philosophy 8200, Fall 2020

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