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My Links:

My Other Free Counseling Material Site (tons more free stuff)
My Free Leader in Me Materials Site (request access on the right)
My Blog (I post all of my materials in each post for free)

My YouTube (I make counseling videos and post them there)

My Counseling Pinterest (Look for my boards that begin with SC) 

** My page of more links to more free counseling stuff **


American School Counseling Association

Texas School Counselor Association

Tennessee School Counselor Association


Guidance Lessons:

Missouri Center for Career Education

West Virginia Department of Education

Saint Paul Public Schools

Life Lessons for Little Ones (annual fee)

Counselor’s Corner Blogspot

Carl Ben Eielson Middle School

Mrs. Puckette’s School Counseling Website

Education World

Washington Superintendent of Public education

The Savvy School Counselor (great website)

Guidance Lessons for High School

Missouri Center for Career Education (a second page)

Sope Creek’s Professional School Counselors

School Counseling Ideas

Counselor Corner: Lesson Plans and Activities (great website)

American Student Achievement Institute

MCCE Small Group/ Guidance Lessons


Pinterest Counseling Pages:

Guidance Books

Guidance Lesson Ideas with Videos

Ideas and Links to More Lessons

Guidance Lesson Ideas (growing)

Lots of Guidance Lesson Ideas

Guidance and Small Group Ideas


Amazing Ideas (love this one)

Great new and tried and true ideas

SCOPE (ideas and other professional exchange links)


Counseling Videos (Please screen all videos to confirm appropriateness for your audience):

School Counselor Rob (YouTube Videos)

Humorous Videos for Counselors

Video Clips for Guidance

School YouTube Channel

High School Counseling Video Clips

Themed Movie Clips

Pinterest Page of School Counseling Videos

Videos and PowerPoints

Anti-Bullying Clips

Really Cute Ones on Pinterest

More Great Clips on Pinterest

Assorted School Counseling Websites:


Kid’s Health

National Center for Transforming School Counseling

Center for School Counseling Outcome Research

School Counselor Blog