Lisandra Benítez



Participate as a member of a multi–disciplinary team to develop programs and projects that utilize Geographic Information Systems or spatial data.    Help in the determination and maintenance of high quality standards for the collection of vector and raster data relative to nature and man made features.  Provide strong integration of the GIS, including the compilation, synthesis, analysis, interpretation and presentation of information regarding the location, distribution, and interrelationships of processes of change affecting geographical features and institutions. Possess a solid educational and professional foundation in environmental and geographical impact scenarios. Thrive in high-pressure, deadline-driven environments.

2007            USDA / APHIS / Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ)                     Carolina, PR GIS Analyst / Geographer                                                                                            May 2, 2005 – Present

  • Utilized GIS software to digitize, manipulate, store, retrieve, display geographic features and develop cartographic products and reports.  Create new data from field visits and Surveys; produced drafts, reports and high quality-presentation as part of my duties.  Worked with spreadsheets, databases, geodatabases, charts, and graphics all at once, add pictures and sound to PR Plant Pests maps.  Used ArcGIS (ArcInfo 9.1) software as powerful 3D visualization tools to display them on new maps.  Maintained hardware, peripherals, GPS units, and local area network administrative permissions for GIS software and license maintenance.
  • Develop, maintain, edit and updated Relational Databases and Geodatabases.  Collected data and maintain daily records associated with survey work, control measures, and regulatory procedures to ensure the quality of the data to be stored in the database.  Additionally, verified accuracy of spatial and tabular data after compilation.  Continuously retrieved information from databases relative to plant health.    Performed queries and algebraic calculations on multiple raster structures.
  • Responsible of providing GIS and GPS training to 15 co–workers in both units (Ponce and San Juan).  Provided support to 10 ArcMap users and 6 GPS users (Hewlett Packard PDA – ArcPad 7.0 and ISIS an APHIS template).    
  • Worked with PPQ employees from Puerto Rico, PR Department of Agriculture staff and USDA – APHIS Eastern Region (Eastern most states of US).Worked with 4 federal and 6 state office in the collection and organization of agricultural, natural resources, population, infrastructure and climatic data.  As Liaison created 7 Data Exchange Agreements for the GIS Office, participated in the Partnership in Education Program with Isidro A. Sánchez high school in Luquillo.  Worked closely to PHIS Domestic Program Supervisor in determining GIS needs, work plan, accomplishments and goals.  Responded to requests for information and demonstrations on the GIS operations for the San Juan Plant Pest Survey Team.
  •  Created  and conducted 8 presentations to agency personnel and other groups regarding the USDA – Plant Health Inspection Station; i.e. Lymantria dispar Establishment Model, Cactoblastis cactorum pathway, Offshore Pest Risk Assessment, GIS Application to Plant Pest Survey, Raoiella indica: A menace to Musa sp. in Puerto Rico (A GIS Approach), Fruit Fly Trapping Densities, etc.  Participated in the “Sociedad Puertorriqueña de Ciencias Agricolas” (SOPCA) with a poster on Gypsy Moth. 
  • Created Standard Operating Procedures for the usage of GIS data storage, manipulation, documentation (FGDC, metadata) and GPS usage precision parameters.  Created an organizational system for documents, trainings, surveys, literature, manuals, reports, meetings, meeting minutes, newsletters, brochures and presentations.

2004            San Juan  County / Department of Urbanism                                       Old San Juan, PR GIS Technician                                                                                    November 3, 2003 – April 29, 2005

  • Contributed with the production of maps to establish quality standards of GIS for the Territory Ordinance Plan of San Juan County.  Created maps for the usage of public and county dependencies.  Facilitated flood maps to the Emergency Mitigation Office during the course of 2 hurricanes.
  • Constructed geographic analysis using a geographic database from municipal dependencies, i.e. population densities in the urban core of Condado, Rio Piedras and Santurce area.
  • Responsible for the creation of the 2005 Criminal Hot Zones for San Juan County.  Developed the Recreational Zones for San Juan County based on population density.  On my own initiative created a GIS Procedure Manual for new and old employees.
  • Provided on a quarterly and yearly basis the programmatic plan for the area, which included map sales report, service provided, mapping supplies used and the accomplishments report.

2003            Terrestrial Archeology Council                                                                 Old San Juan, PR GIS Technician                                                                                           April 1, 2003 – October 31, 2003

  • Digitized 800 archaeological sites submitted in the evaluation documents.  Kept track of project stages in order to maintain record of the project status.  Submitted reports on particular characteristics of the sites.  Reported possible excavation damage based on a pre-establish buffer zone of one kilometer. 
  • Uploaded real time GPS data to the GIS computer to create shapefiles of visited sites under evaluation.
  • Retrieve relevant information from the database of sites under evaluation to provide a better understanding of the project.  Helped in the composition of the island-wide archaeological database of known and possible excavation sites.
  • Trained archeology professionals on GIS and GPS technologies on practical software usage.


University of Puerto Rico                                                                                                   San Juan, PR

Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences with a concentration in Geography. Courses in Applied Climatology, GIS, Geomorphology, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Geology, Karst Topography, Statistics, Marine Geography, Digital Cartography, Foreign Languages (French).


  • Knowledgeable in ArcInfo 9.1
  • Access databases management; i.e. queries, reports, forms.
  • Geodatabases management, map design, computer operating systems, scripts, geographic modeling, digital cartography.
  • Usage of statistical data in design and production of cartographic products, digital map dissemination techniques such as CD – ROM, DVD, Internet, and digital pre – press, and associated technology issues dealing with various graphic file formats and output devices.
  • Collecting and analyzing geospatial data and creating cartographic products and reports using GIS software – ESRI products.
  • Georeferencing data, interpolations, creation of map documents and reports.
  • APHIS’ Hot Zone Programs – Solid Wood Packing Materials (tiles).
  • Plant Pest Surveys.
  • Multimedia Presentations (InFocus)


  • Environmental Trend Research/Analysis
  • Natural Resource Management
  • GPS technologies
  • PADI Open Water Diver (Licensed)
  • Public Speaking and Community Presentations
  • Advanced Computer Skills – 40 words per minute, Word, Power Point, Excel, Access, Photoshop and Adobe Acrobat Professional.
  • MS Office proficient; Access, Excel, Word, Publisher, Power Point


  • Fluent Spanish, English, intermediate French (orally and written) 
  • Communicate effectively with others (e.g. orally, written reports, multimedia presentations) in order to obtain or share information regarding technical data or procedures, discuss project goals, analysis findings, provide trainings and agency needs.


  • Microsoft Access
  • USDA APHIS – ISIS Software
  • CPR Training
  • IT Security 
  • USA Constitution 
  • Defensive Driving
  • FEMA – GIS Basis
  • FEMA – Using FIRM Maps
  •  Pest Identification System
  • Citrus Greening Data User
  • Georeferencing rasters in ArcGIS
  • Introduction to ArcGIS Survey Analyst
  • The 15 – Minute Map: Creating a Basic Map in ArcMap
  • Working with ArcPad 6.x
  • Working with ArcPad 7
  • Working with Map Projections and Coordinates Systems
  • Working with Geodatabase Precision and Spatial Domain
  • Making Better Map Layouts with ArcGIS 
  • Introduction to Trimble GPS Analyst Extension for ArcGIS Software 
  • Editing in ArcGIS 9: Tips and Tricks
  • Working with Geodatabase Subtypes and Domains
Passion for marine life and deep water environments. Olympic cycle athlete with international representation accolades.