"Did You Know…?"

Neither Parent has the legal custody of a child until a court says so....
Until there is a Court Order letting the parents of a child know who the Court has determined will have the temporary or long-term custody of a child, neither parent has the 'legal' custody of that child.  Most parents think that if they have the physical custody of their child or children, it affords them higher legal rights to that child, but they are wrong.  Seeing an attorney who knows the intricacies of family law, including custody orders, will put you miles ahead in helping determine your child's future. 
You may not benefit from "Do It Yourself" or paralegal assisted case filings 

Over the past couple of decades, I have seen many people whose personal, financial and legal futures have been damaged by participating in a "do-it-yourself" or paralegal assisted case without the benefit of advice from an attorney.  You do not have to retain an attorney in order to receive the benefits of quality legal advice.  In even the most simple family law cases, important factors can be overlooked, and often, if the situation isn't fixed during the course of the case, it may be too late to fix that issue later.    

Family Law is an ever-changing and developing field, with new laws, regulations, local court rules and other forms of information coming down the pike all the time. 
Child support charts, the rules for property division, civil and criminal laws and other rules that impact family law cases change frequently, and it is difficult for even full-time legal practitioners to keep up with all of the new information, let alone someone who doesn't practice law for a living !  What was true last year may not still hold true for your case this year.  Seeing an attorney who practices family law, and has experience with and exposure to other related areas of the law will greatly increase your chances of getting the most up-to-date information on the laws that apply to your specific case. 
Your case is not just like your neighbor's, your cousin's, or your boss's case
For most people who have not been through a family law case of their own, their only point of reference is their best friend's divorce from five years ago, or their cousin's recent custody battle.  While there is a lot of helpful information and some good ideas to be gained from looking at the situations of people who have been through family law cases before you, it is not a guarantee that your situation is the same, or that your outcome will be like theirs. 

Each family law case is it's own unique situation, and each case deserves a review and approach that is tailored to it's own special circumstances.  By seeing a family law attorney experienced in finding the approach to best suit your case, you increase your odds of having the result you want from your situation. 

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