Lisa's love of learning in general and passion for science and the arts has guided her towards a career in education.  She credits her success as a teacher to her own educators who made such a difference in the early stages of her life.

Lisa's Education Resume


Since moving to Chicago in October 2008, Lisa has worked as a theater and dance teacher at Lifeline Theatre, Emerald City Theatre Company, American Theater Company, Lasalle Language Academy, and ARCC Ballet.  


Summer 2009, Lisa taught at the Summer Arts Camp at Columbia College!!!


American Theater Company's Program: American Mosaic is a 6-week residency program that will stimulate the next generation of diverse theater artists and audiences. Each year, ATC artists/CPS teacher teams will spend 6 weeks teaching 9th graders about an American classic in ATC's season. They will examine the play from literary and performance perspectives, exploring how the play relates to the students' identities as Americans. Each class will then rehearse and produce a different scene from the play, culminating in a showcase of the whole play on the set of the ATC production. After the final performances, students will see a free matinee performance of the professional production at ATC, and their families will be given free passes to see the play at any point during its run.


Smart in the City 2008

 Sponsored by Opera Cleveland and The Cleveland Foundation

Improv at St. Jerome's 2008 Video

 The World's Greatest 2008 Video

 Cleveland Public Theatre's Brick City Program at Lakeview Community Estates culminated in an original work, PPA: The Quest...What Happens Next?, created by twenty students and five teachers over a 14-week period. Lisa served as the lead teaching artist. She was also the Lead Brick City Teaching Artist with Cleveland Public Theatre for Parade the Circle on Saturday June 14, 2008


"You're Hired! How to Prepare for the Working World When You're Still in High School!"--title of Lisa's presentation at the first annual Aspire Alumni Conference at Case Western Reserve University, June 2007




Lisa’s foray into teaching was at  the Aspire Program associated with Hathaway Brown School in Shaker Heights, Ohio. For two summers while she was still in college, Lisa worked as a teacher of sixth, seventh, and eighth grade underprivileged but talented young females from the Cleveland area.  She taught sixth grade Human Body and seventh grade Chemistry to each class consisting of thirty-six girls.  She planned the curriculum, created and graded homework assignments, and assessed the students at the end of the semester.  More important than her own growing abilities as a teacher was the way in which Lisa strove to instill in the children a love of science and learning.  She tried to foster their imagination and curiosity about themselves and the world around them by utilizing scientific equipment in daily experiments as well as encouraging the girls to excel in their final projects: creating a human body using household objects and designing a science fair project to be presented at the first Aspire science fair.  Lisa also taught electives to groups of students for the two years which covered the areas of theater, culinary arts, and gardening. Since then, Lisa has led after school classes in Queens, NY for an entire year and has served as a Mad Science instructor for two years in Brooklyn and in Cleveland. She also was a science instructor for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History since winter of 2008 working as a science-to-go instructor and as a teacher for the summer medical camps.   See above for all of Lisa's other assignments as a theater and science teacher! Since moving to Chicago, Lisa's worked at multiple organizations teaching theater and dance.

Sunnyside Community Club, 2006