As a director, Lisa focuses mainly on creating and developing new works with playwrights although she loves experimenting in any genre of theatre.  Due to her background in acting, Lisa brings her expertise in improv and characterization to every show and helps the actors create a world in which they can truly believe and live.  Lisa strives to make each show a collaborative effort in which all of its members participate in creating art and exploring the humanity with love and respect.   


The Douglas Tree by Michael Sepesy, Cleveland State Univeristy, 2008


Everaftering and Other Tales by Greg Edwards, Lively Productions, 2007


 78th Street Theatre Lab, New York City

 The 29th Annual Marilyn Bianchi Kids' Playwriting Festival
How the Monkeys Saved the Jungle, Dobama Theatre, June 2007



The Importance of Not Being Frank by Tim Tyler
Cleveland Public Theatre, Staged Reading
March 2007


An Evening of LUV:
In Paris You Will Find Many Baguettes but Only One True Love by Michael Lew, Optional by Linda Eisenstein, and Everaftering by Greg Edwards

The Theatre at Acting Out
February 2007

  Speak Truth to Power by Ariel Dorfman
Cleveland Public Theatre
October 2006

"Cleveland Public Theatre has created a hybrid form of theater, a form which is still a simple stage reading but is more powerful, more moving than some of the most expensive and elaborate productions I have ever seen. Using passages from some of the most well known, as some unnamed, activists for social justice, economic equality, and peace the spoken word is of monumental importance in this play. Glimmers of hope for a better world shine through the collective voice of the actors more so than I can gather from the text as I flip through it writing this review. Strong and ominous statements abound, hearing them, merely recollecting them gives me gooseflesh. I do not think I have ever been so impressed simultaneously disturbed, by a cast, a script, or a production."-Shane Gleason, CSU newspaper


Home-Cooked: A Cautionary Tale by Greg Edwards
The Small Stage at Jimmy's No. 43
November 2005 and January 2006




Don Imbroglio at the New York Musical Theatre Festival 

September 2005





The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds by Paul Zindel

February 2005

 "A top-notch cast and compelling performances...The performers bring life and believability to the emotions and plights of the characters."  -YDN  






  Blood On The Floor: An Interactive Murder Mystery by Patrick Huguenin

February 2004 

"I had more fun during this thing than I have had in any play ever."

 - Patrick Huguenin, playwright


"Auditioning for Blood On The Floor one arctic day not even two months ago was perhaps the best decision I've made this year.  I am truly privileged to have worked with all of you. There was no asshole in the group (except possibly me), no showboater (me again), no one with a scrap of negative energy, just 12 people who loved theater and wanted to make something fun. Plays like this that got me into theater in the first place.  Never lose that fun, that love of the craft.  I know my craft has never functioned more lubricaticiously than when in a room with all you folk."--Will Reid



Cabaret by Joe Masteroff, Fred Ebb, and John Kander

February 2003


"For the Yale production, Underbrook theater space has been transformed into the Kit Kat Club. Although simple, the set is ideal -- bright lights line the stairs and walls, and there are ominous railings in the background. Round tables with tap lights scattered among the seating give a nightclub atmosphere and incorporate the audience into the action. Under the direction of Lisa Siciliano '05, the effect is enhanced by members of the cast who come up and try to seduce audience members to buy either chocolate cigars or a night with one

 of the entertainers." -YDN



Peter Pan by James M. Barrie

March 2002


 “This has been both the most ambitious and the most successful show in a long time in all kinds of ways.  You’ve drawn in audiences larger than any show in recent memory, and in every way you’ve earned the jealousy and admiration of all of us who have done YCT shows before…You’ve given literally hundreds of folks an experience to remember.”--Matt, Yale Children’s Theater Board Member