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Lisa moved to Chicago in 2008 to pursue a professional career in the world of the theater.  In one year, Lisa has performed with Hubris Productions (Red Noses), Rascal Children's Theater (Tam Lin), American Theater Company (Big Shoulders Festival), Around the Coyote/Lively Productions (Apples), The Summer is for Fireflies, and Point of Contention (The Wonder: a Woman Keeps a Secret). She has taken class with Linda Gillum at Remy Bumppo and with various Chicago directors at the Acting Studio Chicago.


In May 2005, Lisa earned her Bachelor of Arts degree and graduated cum laude and with distinction in the theatre studies major at Yale University.  There she studied under a tremendous group of professors and artists who changed her life forever including Toni Dorfman, David Krasner, Deb Margolin, Joseph Roach, Paul McKinley, Michael Tracy, Murray Biggs, Polina Klimovitskaya and Connie Grappo. Before graduating, Lisa was inducted as a member of the Yale Dramatic Association. In August 2006, Lisa moved to New York City to pursue theatre.  After acting, directing, writing, and producing for a year, Lisa returned to her hometown of Cleveland, OH, where she stayed for two years before making the move to Chi-town.

The Wonder: A Woman Keeps a Secret, Point of Contenton, 2009, Chicago

This is what Chicago’s theater scene is all about: around a corner, in a little space one could easily pass by, a small theater company is doing great things. Director Margo Gray has assembled a lively and gifted cast for Point of Contention’s production of The Wonder: a Woman Keeps a Secret. This 18th century play by Susanna Centlivre, considered second only to Aphra Behn in her time, receives light and fast modern flare, while staying true to its ribald, audacious, and feminist origins. Step into that little black box–an evening of 295 year-old fun awaits you.--Scotty Zacher, Chicago Theatre Blog

Siciliano excels as the insanely love-struck Isabella with gangling charm and a winning smile.- Robert Bullen, EDGE
Apples, Around the Coyote, Lively Productions, 2009, Chicago

 (check out the best 80s dance ever!)
 Tam Lin, Rascal Children's Theatre, 2009, Chicago

Red Noses, Hubris Productions, 2009, Chicago

Peter Barnes' left-handed salute to the power of theater is a 155-minute tonic. In this depiction of a medieval outbreak of the plague, laughter isn't the best medicine--it's the only one. A self-styled doctor, Father Flote (based on a real prelate), assembles a band of itinerant comedians who administer last laughs to their dying audiences. Desperate for a distraction from the Church's ineffective scapegoating, the Pope gives Flote his conditional blessing. But when the epidemic ends, Flote's buffoonery is suddenly considered subversive. The red-nosed zanies are viciously put down, along with their strange allies, the masochistic Flagellants and scavenging Black Ravens. Patricia Savieo's revival, the first here since Goodman Theatre’s 1987 local premiere, sends a very game 21-member cast into a whirlwind plot. If Barnes' angry eloquence gets short shrift in this overly peppy production, his merry word play, gallows humor, delightfully eccentric jesters, and wickedly topical satire come through just fine. -Lawrence Bommer, Chicago Reader



Lisa's dance training can be traced back to the age of five when she was enrolled in a ballet class in a local program. She then went on to receive ballet, tap, jazz, and theater jazz lessons at Cheryl Lynn's Dance Studio in Garfield Heights, Ohio. At the age of fourteen, she decided to focus solely on ballet at the school of the legendary Marguerite Duncan. When the school closed, Lisa continued ballet and pointe lessons with former North Coast Ballet Theatre dancer and ballet teacher Sonja Kraljevic at The Ballet School. Lisa picked up tap again as a junior in college when she joined the all-tap group, TAPS. Her movement experience has also included Suzuki theater training at Yale, ballet at the New Haven Ballet, as well as various movement workshops with Brendan McCall and the Slightly Askew Theatre Company of New York. Rehearsals for various productions have included training in both Viewpoints and Butoh. Lisa also studied composition and movement with Michael Tracy, Co-Founder of Pilobolus Dance Theater. She is also a certified mat Pilates teacher. Lisa is currently a dance teacher with ARCC Ballet in Chicago.  


Lisa has taken workshops with the following artists: Brendan McCall, Ming Cho Lee, The Slightly Askew Theatre Company, Susan Merson, Sasha Eden of WET and Carl Forsman of the Keen Company, Andrew May, and Seth Gordon among others.  In the fall of 2007, Lisa traveled to New York to attend a Viewpoints fall session with the SITI Company. She recently took a Remy Bumppo monologue class with Linda Gillum in Chicago.  This past fall, Lisa participated in an acting master's class with directors James Bohnen, Amy Morton, and Ann Filmer at The Acting Studio Chicago.

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