Lisa M. Runco, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

New York Institute of Technology
Old Westbury, New York


NYIT & NYCOM have intiated a collaborative research program, ARC, to provide laboratory positions for exceptional NYIT undergraduate students.  Through ARC, NYI students will join an on-going research project under the mentorship of a NYCOM Faculty Member & will contribute to the research community of NYCOM.


September 2012

Advanced Research Core (ARC)

ARC Applications are due on Friday, September 14, 2012

July 19 2012

Article published in Journal of Science Education and Technology

"Middle School Science Teachers' Confidence and Pedagogical Practice of New Literacies."  Hsu, H.-Y., Wang, S.-K., & Runco, L. 

July 18 2012

Article accepted in Infection and Immunity

"Roles of the Chaperone/Usher Pathways of Yersinia pestis in the Murine Model of Plague and Adhesion to Host Cells."  Hatkoff M, Runco LM, Pujol C, Jayatilaka I, Furie MB, Bliska JB, Thanassi DG.