The Internet - Business, Personal, Both and Something Else Completely

The Internet is something people use for both business and personal reasons, a fact of which most people are more than well aware.  These days it has evolved to be a sometimes peculiar-seeming mix of both.  Sites that were once generally the domain (a pun there, sort of) of teens and college-aged people have, in a lot of cases, become seen as important tools in business.  While sites or profiles still often very much remain obviously and distinctly under either the category of "personal" or "business", lines between the two are increasingly becoming blurred and/or crossed.

Content and writing, of course, play a major role in what's "out there", and people who write online for reasons other than socializing can face the challenges of figuring out not just what to write, where to write, or how to earn; but where their own kind of writing does or doesn't belong.

Offline, writers have little trouble defining the type and purpose of their writing.  The Internet, with all its opportunities for anyone to write anything just about anywhere, and with its increasingly blurred lines, brings writers both new possibilities and new challenges.  Some writers will have far fewer of those challenges than others, simply because some writers have distinct aims and focus when it comes to their Internet efforts.

Depending on circumstances, reasons for writing, and personality, other writers may run into challenges they never would have imagined might crop up from something as seemingly simple as posting writing/content on the Internet.

After writing online for several years now, I've found an increasing need to define, in my own mind (and always with an eye for overall trends), as well as for anyone who may, for any reason, be at all curious or interested; exactly who and what I am (as this particular writer), as well as better define the roots and purposes of much of my online writing.