Lisa A. Heimbauer, PhD

Language Research Center, Georgia State University
Graduate Research Assistant
Duane M. Rumbaugh Fellow
Language and Literacy Fellow
My research focuses on the perception of speech-like acoustics and language-related cognitive abilities in comparative perspective, as well as identifying critical components of speech perception in humans. An overarching goal is to place language-related perceptual and cognitive abilities in an evolutionary context, including asking when these abilities may have first appeared. To date, my research has particularly focused on a language-trained chimpanzee, as well as human listeners tested in the GSU Psychology of Voice and Sound auditory lab. My work has included novel research approaches, producing peer-reviewed articles on chimpanzee synthetic speech perception, sequential and grammar-like rule learning in rhesus monkeys, and visual and auditory cue inference in capuchin monkeys.

email: lisa.heimbauer [at]       Click here to download full CV