Meet the Editor

In one form or another, I have spent my adult life writing and creating. Personally, I play around with essays and poetry. Professionally, however, I am an experienced technical writer, web author, and editor. I am a certified instructional systems designer and Information Mapping specialist. See my résumé for more information on my professional experience.
I am also a teacher. I have a bachelor's degree in Specific Learning Disabilities. I taught Exceptional Student Education (ESE) for two years before going back to graduate school. After completing my master's in English, I began teaching English Composition and American Literature. My college students typically do well, in large part due to the workshop atmosphere of my classes. We work on organization, revision, and re-revision until their papers reflect sophistication and clarity. They do all the work, I am merely the coach.
I incorporate all aspects of the writing and revising processes into my editing work as well.  I have edited academic as well as business proposals, research papers, capstone projects, presentations, and dissertations.
For more information, see the resume below.
Lisa Eddins,
Mar 27, 2012, 7:45 AM