About Me

Welcome to my English Composition domain!  Please feel free to take a look around at my most recent essays I have developed.  I recently took an English class and would like to share with you my frustrations and achievements in this class.

I'd like to start off by saying I have writer’s block, the one thing I struggle the most with when it comes to writing.   I believe I can come up with good papers because I think I am efficient with my grammar.  It’s just the fact that I honestly do not have a lot of patience when it comes to writing.

I have taken many online courses and I am familiar with the aspect of distance learning.   I have actually taken both Technical Writing and Creative Writing classes online, and succeeded in both.  Every writing class I have taken was really tough, but has always been a positive outcome.  All my hard work paid off and allowed me to create some papers that I never thought I would be able to do.

The one topic I hate writing the most is when I have to write about myself.  Even writing right now as you read, is giving me a hard time!  I find it difficult because I think it is easier to describe someone else, since I can actually look at the person and learn new information that I know I will hear for the first time.  Some other writing assignments I have done are research papers, biopsychosocial models, biographies, debates, essays from textbooks, and typical writing assignments that involve my actual class.

Some other types of writing that I do that doesn’t involve with school are email, grocery lists, facebook, resumes, and cover letters.  I am very efficient at using the Internet, email, Microsoft word, excel, and I am able to type 90 words per minute.

The reason why I took English Composition is because it is a prerequisite for the Dental Hygiene program at Tarrant County College, which is where I am attending right now.  I’m hoping to get in to the program next fall of 2012.  I already graduated last summer as a dental assistant and I am ready to further my education to the next level.