Supervision and mentorship

Doctoral supervision

I supervise doctoral students in the following areas:
  • Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Psychology (e.g. belief, agency, rationality, self knowledge, memory)
  • Philosophy of Psychiatry (e.g. the nature of mental illness, status of psychiatry, psychiatric ethics)
See my profile on the University of Birmingham Postgraduate Prospectus. 

Please contact me directly if you are thinking of applying to the University of Birmingham for a place in our PhD programme and want to work with me on one of the areas listed above. It would be great if you could send me a short research proposal together with your informal inquiry. The University of Birmingham also offers a PhD by distance learning.
Students who completed:
  • Andrew Wright (what pain is), viva passed in February 2015, no corrections.
  • Andrew Woodhall (nonhuman ethics), viva passed in December 2016, minor corrections.
Students writing up:
  • Isaura Peddis (empathy and emotions).
  • Ben Costello (psychiatry, agency and responsibility).
  • Rachel Gunn (delusions).
Current students:
  • Magdalena Antrobus (benefits of manic-depressive disorder), 3rd year PhD.
  • Alex Miller Tate (anhedonia), 2nd year PhD.
  • Matilde Aliffi (rationality of emotions), 2nd year PhD.
  • Markella Grigoriou (depression and suicide), 2nd year PhD.
  • Valeria Motta (loneliness), 1st year PhD.
  • Federico Bongiorno (delusions), 1st year PhD.


I have had the fortune to mentor a number of extraordinary post-doctoral researchers: