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Articles on Delusions

Articles on Agency

Articles on Stories, Confabulations, and Conspiracies

Articles on Belief and Irrationality

  • K Murphy-Hollies and L Bortolotti (2022), The Agency-First Epistemology of Psychedelics. Philosophy and the Mind Sciences vol. 3.

  • A Polonioli, S Stammers, L Bortolotti (2018). ‘Good’ Biases: Does doxastic irrationality benefit both individuals and groups? Revue Philosophique de la France et de l'Étranger 143 (3), 327-344.

  • L Bortolotti and E Sullivan-Bissett (2017). How can false and irrational beliefs be useful? Philosophical Explorations 20, S1-S3.

  • L Bortolotti and E Sullivan-Bissett (2015). Costs and benefits of imperfect cognitions. Consciousness & Cognition 33, 487-489.

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  • L Bortolotti (2004). Can we interpret irrational behavior? Behavior and Philosophy 32 (2), 359-375.

  • L Bortolotti (2003). Inconsistency and interpretation. Philosophical Explorations VI (2), 109-123.

Articles in Ethics, Bioethics, and Medical Ethics

  • L Bortolotti (2013). The relative importance of undesirable truths. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 16 (4), 683-690.

  • L Bortolotti (2011). Does reflection lead to wise choices? Philosophical Explorations 14 (3), 297-313.

  • L Bortolotti and H Widdows (2011). The right not to know: the case of psychiatric disorders. Journal of Medical Ethics 37, 673-676.

  • A Wright and L Bortolotti (2011). Introduction. Journal of Consciousness Studies 18 (9-10), 6-18 (special issue on 'Pain and the Experience of Pain: Theoretical Models and Practical Implications').

  • A Blasimme and L Bortolotti (2010). Intentionality and the welfare of minded non-humans. Teorema XXIX (2), 83-96.

  • L Bortolotti (2010). Agency, life extension, and the meaning of life. The Monist 93(1), 38-56. PDF.

  • L Bortolotti and Y Nagasawa (2009). Immortality without boredom. Ratio XXII (3), 261-277.

  • D Cutas and L Bortolotti (2010). Natural versus assisted reproduction. In search of fairness. Studies in Ethics, Law and Technology 4 (1), 1-18.

  • L Bortolotti and D Cutas (2009). Reproductive and parental autonomy: an argument for compulsory parental education. Reproductive Biomedicine Online 19 (1st July), 5-14. PDF.

  • L Bortolotti and B Heinrichs (2007). Delimiting the concept of research: an ethical perspective. Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 28 (3), 157-179.

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  • L Bortolotti (2007). Disputes over moral status: philosophy and science in the future of bioethics. Health Care Analysis 15 (2), 153-158.

  • L Bortolotti and M Mameli (2006). Deception in psychology: moral costs and benefits of unsought self-knowledge. Accountability in Research 13 (3), 259-275.

  • M Mameli and L Bortolotti (2006). Animal rights, animal minds and human mindreading. Journal of Medical Ethics 32, 84-89.

  • S Camporesi and L Bortolotti (2008). Reproductive cloning in humans and therapeutic cloning in primates: is the ethical debate catching up with the recent scientific advances? Journal of Medical Ethics 34 (9), e15.

  • L Bortolotti (2006). Moral rights and human culture. Ethical Perspectives 13 (4), 603-622.

  • L Bortolotti and J Harris (2006). Embryos and eagles: symbolic value in research and reproduction. Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 15 (1), 22-34.

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  • L Bortolotti and J Harris (2005). Stem cell research, personhood and sentience. Reproductive Biomedicine Online 10 (1), 68-75.

Articles in the Philosophy of Psychiatry

  • L Grassi, F Folesani, M Marella, E Tiberto, MB Riba, L Bortolotti, T Toffanin, L Palagini, M Belvederi Murri, B Biancosino, M Ferrara, R Caruso (2022). Debating Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Death in People with Psychiatric Disorders. Current Psychiatry Reports 24(6):325-335. doi: 10.1007/s11920-022-01339-y. PMID: 35678920; PMCID: PMC9203391.

  • R Ambríz González and L Bortolotti (2021). The appeal and challenges of an integrative approach to psychiatry. Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry. DOI 10.1590/1516-4446-2021-0035

  • B Fulford, L Bortolotti and M Broome (2014). Taking the Long View: an Emerging Framework for Translational Psychiatric Science. World Psychiatry 13 (2), 110-117.

  • L Bortolotti and L Malatesti (2010). Conceptual challenges in the characterisation and explanation of psychiatric phenomena. European Journal of Analytic Philosophy 6 (1), 5-10 (special issue on 'Classification and Explanation in Psychiatry: Philosophical Issues').

  • M Broome and L Bortolotti (2010). What's wrong with 'mental' disorders? Commentary on D Stein et al.'s "What is a Mental/Psychiatric Disorder? From DSM-IV to DSM-V". Psychological Medicine 40 (11): 1783 -1785.

  • M Broome and L Bortolotti (2009). Mental illness as mental: In defence of psychological realism. Humana.Mente 11, 25-44.