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On Belief and Delusion

  • F Bongiorno and L Bortolotti (in progress). The role of inferences in theories of delusion formation. 
  • L Bortolotti. Agency without Rationality. Forthcoming in Eva Picardi on Language, Analysis and History. Palgrave.
  • L Bortolotti and K Puddifoot. Philosophy, bias, and stigma. Forthcoming in Why Philosophy?
  • L Bortolotti and R Gunn (2017). Delusion. Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online.
  • K Miyazono, L Bortolotti and M Broome (2014). Prediction-error and two-factor theories of delusion formation: competitors or allies? In N Galbraith (ed.) Aberrant Beliefs and Reasoning. Psychology Press, 34-54.
  • L Bortolotti, R Cox, M Broome and M Mameli (2012). Rationality and self-knowledge in delusions and confabulations: implications for autonomy as self-governance. In L Radoilska (ed.) Autonomy and Mental DisorderOxford University Press, chapter 5, 100-122.
  • L Bortolotti (2010). Double bookkeeping in delusions: explaining the gap between saying and doing. In K Frankish, A Buckareff and J Aguilar (eds.) New Waves in the Philosophy of Action. Palgrave, chapter 11. 
  • L Bortolotti (2009). DelusionIn E Zalta (ed.) Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Revised and updated in September 2013.

Issues in the Philosophy of Psychology and Psychiatry

  • L Bortolotti, E Sullivan-Bissett and M Antrobus (in press). The epistemic innocence of optimistically biased beliefs. In M Balcerak Jackson and B Balcerak Jackson (eds.) Reasoning: Essays on Theoretical and Practical ThinkingOxford University Press.
  • J Craigie and L Bortolotti (2014). Rationality, Diagnosis, and Patient Autonomy in PsychiatryIn J Z Sadler, B Fulford, C W van Staden (eds.) Oxford Handbook of Psychiatric Ethics, vol. 1. Oxford University Press.
  • N Sabbarton-Leary, L Bortolotti and M Broome (2014). Natural and Para-natural Kinds in Psychiatry. In P Zachar, DS Stoyanov, M Aragona, A Jablensky (eds.) Alternative Perspectives in Psychiatric Validation. Oxford University Press, 76-93.
  • L Bortolotti (2013). Rationality and Sanity: The role of rationality judgements in understanding psychiatric disorders (chapter 30). In B Fulford, M Davies, R Gipps, G Graham, J Sadler, G Stanghellini, T Thornton (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry. Oxford University Press, 480-496.

Issues in Ethics, Bioethics, and Medical Ethics

  • L Bortolotti (2014). The vulnerability approach to animal ethics. In A Ferrari and K Petrus (eds.) Lexikon der Mensch/Tier-Beziehungen (Handbook of Humans-Animals Relationships). Transcript Verlag.
  • A Blasimme, C Sandis and L Bortolotti (2013). Two approaches to animal ethics and the case of great apes. In K Petrus and M Wild (eds.) Animal Minds and Animal Ethics (chapter 11). Transcript Verlag.
  • L Bortolotti (2011). The concept of scientific research. In C Romeo Casabona (ed.) Los nuevos horizontes de la investigación genética. Comares, Bilbao-Granada, Spain.
  • L Bortolotti (2010). Can the subject-of-a-life criterion help grant rights to non-persons? In M Hayry, T Takala and P Herissone-Kelly (eds.) Argument and Analysis in BioethicsRodopi, 241-248. 

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