Research in the News

K Puddifoot and L Bortolotti, The Bright Side of Memory Errors, The Philosopher's Magazine, July 2018. Article detailing our view of how memory mechanisms producing distorted memory beliefs can support epistemic agency.

D Jones, Grand delusions: Why we all believe the weirdest things?, New Scientist, 15 November 2017. Article featuring my research on delusions.

A Meyerowitz, Could being unrealistically optimistic by good for your mental health?, Red Magazine, 26th June 2017. Article featuring my research on optimism.

S Ebraham, What is so Zen about imperfection?, Canvas 8, 3rd February 2017. Article in which I am quoted on imperfection.

E Vintiadis, The Irrationality within Us, Scientific American, 12th December 2016. Article where my research on irrationality is discussed.

M Beckford and S Adams, Cancer patient forced to have surgery, Daily Telegraph, 26th May 2010. Article where I am quoted on the ethics of forcing treatment on an incapacitated cancer patient.

J Elder, Striving for perfection, Sunday Age Melbourne, 20th September 2009. Article where I am quoted on the costs and benefits of wanting to be perfect.

L Bortolotti, Should human reproductive cloning be allowed?, BBC Focus Magazine, issue 204, How to Live Forever or Die Trying, 4th June 2009.

L Bortolotti, A moral claim not to feel pain, New Statesman, 28th February 2008.