Irrational Beliefs and their Impact on our Reality (Sassi Talks, 2022). Savanha interviews Lisa Bortolotti on her research.

The Future of Delusions (New Books Network, 2022). Owen Bennett-Jones interviews Lisa Bortolotti on her research.

How to give young people agency in mental health (McPin Foundation, 2021). Also featuring Matthew Broome, Michael Larkin, Rose McCabe, Rachel Temple, and members of the Young People's Advisory Group.

Misinformation. (Forum for European Philosophy, 2021). Also featuring Cailin O'Connor and Quassim Cassam.

RAI Radio3 Scienza: Raccontami una favola (2021).

The Truth about Marriage (The Big Idea, BBC World Service, 2020).

The Epistemic Innocence of Irrational Beliefs: Robert Talisse interviews Lisa Bortolotti (New Books in Philosophy, 2020).

In Conversation... Philosophy of Mind (Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 2018). Also featuring Sophie Stammers and Kathy Puddifoot.

Clinical Delusions (3CR Community Radio Radical Philosophy, 2017).

How Language and Thought affect our Wellbeing and Success (Voice of Islam Breakfast Show, 2017).

Hypocrisy (BBC Radio 4, The Philosopher's Arms, 2017).

Are We Biased about Love? (Philosophy 24/7, 2017).

Emotions: Do they control us? (Forum for European Philosophy, 2016).

Is there a clear line between madness and sanity? (Philosofa Episode 5, 2016). Also featuring Richard Bentall.

Irrationality (Philosophy Bites, 2015).

Unintended Consequences (The Forum, BBC World Service, 2014).

Panel debate on Wise Choices (Forum for European Philosophy, 2014).

Exactly how Irrational are Delusions? (interview by Raj Persaud, 2009).


Doctors without 'Disorders': is it normal or pathological to fear COVID-19? (University of Birmingham, 2020).

The Dissenter: The Epistemic Innocence of Irrational Beliefs (2020).

The Costliest Bias of All (The Evidence-Based Investor, 2018).

Youth Mental Health (Birmingham Heroes, 2017).

The three stigmas about mental health we need to deconstruct (TEDxBrum talk, 2017).

Delusions (Hay Levels Philosophy, 2017).

Inaugural lecture, Agency without Rationality (University of Birmingham, 2016).

Birmingham Heroes: Mental Illness. (University of Birmingham, 2015).

Project PERFECT, Year Two (University of Birmingham, 2015).

On Responsibility and Control: the Case of Delusions (CRASSH Moral Psychology conference, 2015).

Project PERFECT, Year One (University of Birmingham, 2014).

Clinical Delusions (University of Birmingham, 2011).

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I have a youtube playlist called Imperfect Cognitions where I gather some videos on issues relevant to my research.

Mental capacity webinar

Launch of a policy brief with Sophie Stammers, March 2020.

Joint session 2020 presentation

Conceptions of disorder symposium: "Doctors without disorders", July 2020.

Mental health, rationality, and the meaning of life

Keynote at the Meaning in Life conference, August 2020.

Agency in Mental Health webinar

The Mental Elf hosts a discussion of how practitioners can adopt the agential stance and avoid putting people in a box, November 2021.

Protecting Epistemic Agency in Healthcare

Seminar at the Centre for Health Humanities in Leuven, with Anna Mameli, March 2022.

Irrational Beliefs and their Impact on our Reality

In conversation with Savanha for this episode on Sassi Talks on irrationality, optimism, and mental health, May 2022.