Doctoral supervision

I supervise doctoral students in the following areas:

  • Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Psychology (e.g. belief, agency, rationality, self knowledge, memory)
  • Philosophy of Psychiatry (e.g. the nature of mental illness, status of psychiatry, psychiatric ethics)

Please contact me directly if you are thinking of applying to the University of Birmingham for a place in our PhD programme and want to work with me on one of the areas listed above. It would be great if you could send me a short research proposal together with your informal inquiry. The University of Birmingham also offers a PhD by distance learning.

Students who completed:

  • Andrew Wright (The Problems of Pain), viva passed in February 2015.
  • Andrew Woodhall (Addressing Anthropocentrism in Nonhuman Ethics), viva passed in December 2016.
  • Isaura Peddis (Empathy as an Emotion), viva passed in September 2017.
  • Rachel Gunn (Delusions and Affective Framing), viva passed in November 2017.
  • Magdalena Antrobus (Epistemic and Psychological Benefits of Depression), viva passed in November 2017.

Current students:

  • Alex Miller Tate (anhedonia), writing up.
  • Matilde Aliffi (rationality of emotions), writing up.
  • Markella Grigoriou (depression and suicide), 3rd year.
  • Valeria Motta (loneliness), 3rd year.
  • Federico Bongiorno (delusion formation), 3rd year.
  • Eugenia Lancellotta (adaptiveness of delusions), 2nd year.
  • Noorit Larsen (mood disorders and decision making), 1st year.
Kengo Miyazono
Ema Sullivan-Bissett


I have had the fortune to mentor a number of extraordinary post-doctoral researchers: