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Recent talks and events
Recent talks and events
28 May 2018 Confabulation and Epistemic Innocence Workshop, University of Milan-Bicocca. 
29 November 2017 Talk at Eidyn on Choice Blindness and the Fluidity of the Self. 
22 November 2017 IAS funded workshop on Challenges to Wellbeing: The Experience of Loneliness and Epistemic Injustice in the Clinical Encounter, University of Birmingham. 
15 October 2017 TEDxBrum talk at the Birmingham Hippodrome on the theme of Perspectives. 
29 September 2017 Talk on Choice Blindness and the Fluidity of the Self at the workshop on Reasons, Rationality, and Intentional Agency organised by Christian List at the LSE. 
2 July 2017 Keynote talk on Optimism and Success at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Philosophy in Copenhagen. 
26 June 2017 Talk on Responsibility and Choice Blindness at the University of Southampton 'Responsibility for Attitudes' Conference. 
31 May 2017 Talk entitled: "Is choice blindness an instance of confabulation?" at the Imagination, belief, and sub-doxastic attitudes workshop in Antwerp. 
25 May 2017 Talk on Optimism and Success at the Hay Festival. 
18 May 2017 A talk on Responsibility and Choice Blindness at the University of Birmingham Workshop on Moral Responsibility: the Hard Cases. 
27 April 2017 Two talks at the University of Hertfordshire: a research seminar on costs and benefits of confabulation and a PhilSoc talk on optimism and agency. 
22 April 2017 Keynote talk on Responsibility and Choice Blindness at Lubomira Radoilska's workshop on Reassessing Responsibility, Cambridge. 
15 March 2017 Royal Institute of Philosophy Public Lecture at the University of Kent on Optimism and Agency. 
13 March 2017 Chairing "Saving Land and Water", a lunchtime session on the psychology of climate change during the Arts and Science Festival. 
8 March 2017 Reddit AMA session where I can be asked any question about my research (4-7pm GMT) 
13 February 2017 Participation in The Philosopher's Arms, BBC Radio 4 programme on hypocrisy. 
26 October 2016 "On epistemic innocence", LOGOS Colloquium, Barcelona. 
10 October 2016 Project PERFECT: Uncoupling Mental Illness from Irrationality, Barber Institute of Fine Arts, World Mental Health Day 2016 celebrations, University of Birmingham. 
7 July 2016 Plenary talk at the annual Meeting of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science, with a paper entitled: What's positive about positive illusions? 
20 May 2016 Lecture on "Rationality, Wellbeing and Success" at Wellbeing Research on Campus, Westmere PGR Hub, University of Birmingham, 11:30-12:30. 
9 May 2016 "Agency without Rationality", Inaugural Lecture, Lecture room 1, Arts Building, University of Birmingham, 5:30-6:30. 
30 March 2016 Talk on Irrational but Useful Beliefs, University of Pavia Philosophy Seminar. 
8 March 2016 Guest lecture on costs and benefits of confabulation at the Department of Psychiatry, Warneford Hospital in Oxford. 
26 February 2016 Conference on Optimism, Day 2. My talk is entitled: "Optimism and Agency". 
25 February 2016 Conference on Optimism, Day 1. 
5 February 2016 PERFECT 2016: Workshop on False but Useful Beliefs, Day 2. 
4 February 2016 PERFECT 2016: Workshop on False but Useful Beliefs, Day 1. My talk is entitled: "Are positive illusions epistemically innocent?". 
18 January 2016 Participation in the public event entitled: "Emotions: Do they control us?" organised by the Forum for European Philosophy at the London School of Economics. 
11 January 2016 Talk on the epistemic benefits of confabulation at the Psychiatry Research Forum in Birmingham. 
27 November 2015 Belief and Emotion Mini-Workshop, University of Birmingham. 
24 November 2015 Talk at COGS Seminar Series, University of Sussex, Brighton. Title: When is optimism good for you? 
27 October 2015 Talk on confabulation at the Department of Philosophy, Central European University, Budapest. 
9 October 2015 Panelist in the session on Responsibility and Control, Moral Psychology Conference, University of Cambridge 
1 July 2015 Talk on epistemic benefits of delusions at the Royal College of Psychiatrists Annual Congress in Birmingham in a session on Functions of Delusions. 
30 June 2015 Chairing a Delusions Lunchtime Seminar featuring P Corlett and K Miyazono, Hills 1.20, University of Birmingham 
19 June 2015 Keynote talk at the conference on Deliberation, Interpretation and Confabulation at the VU University of Amsterdam. 
16 March 2015 Public engagement session on "Sight, Sound, and Mental Health", as part of the Arts and Science Festival, University of Birmingham (12-2pm, ARTS 201). 
10 February 2015 Talk on the Breivik case at the North London Collegiate School Sixth Form Philosophy Conference. 
3 February 2015 Talk at the Birmingham Medical Institute introducing project PERFECT (6-8pm). 
30 January 2015 Talk at the Mental Health Research Seminar on "Optimism, Psychological Adaptiveness, and Mental Health", University of Birmingham (12-1pm, Frankland 309b) 
15 January 2015 Talk on "Everyday Myths" at Modern Art Oxford on myths as part of a series called Perspectives, during the exhibition "Love is Enough" (William Morris and Andy Warhol). Talks will be 7-8:30pm. 
9 December 2014 Talking about Unintended Consequences on BBC World Service The Forum, radio broadcast on DAB, cable, Freeview etc. at 09:05am. 
4 December 2014 Talk on "Delusion and Emotion" at the joint meeting of the Thumos/Phrontis/Episteme research groups, Swiss Centre for Affective Studies, Geneva. 
12 November 2014 Lunchtime work-in-progress Seminar at the University of Birmingham. Topic: epistemic benefits of clinical memory distortions. 
16 October 2014 Seminar hosted by the Nature of Representation group led by Robbie Williams in Leeds. Topic: epistemic innocence of clinical memory distortions. 
16 October 2014 "The Epistemic Innocence of Motivated Delusions", Senior Research Seminar, Leeds. 
13 July 2014 "The Epistemic Value of Delusions", with Kengo Miyazono, Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and Mind Association, Cambridge. 
27 May 2014 Panel discussion in a public engagement event on "Wise Choices" organised by the Forum for European Philosophy, LSE, London. 
8 May 2014 "Epistemic benefits of delusions", Costs and Benefits of Imperfect Cognitions workshop, funded by my AHRC Fellowship and co-organised by Ema Sullivan-Bissett, Birmingham. 
17 March 2014 "The Breivik Case", as part of a public engagement activity organised by Kengo Miyazono for the Arts and Science Festival, Birmingham. 
11 March 2014 "The Epistemic Innocence of Distorted Memories", Bristol History and Philosophy of Medicine seminar. 
29 January 2014 "The Epistemic Innocence Project: the Case of Delusions", CamPoS seminar series, Cambridge. 
13 January 2014  "The Epistemic Status of Delusions", Birmingham Work in Progress seminar. 
8 October 2013 Debate on the following motion: "Delusions are radically different to normal beliefs", Maudsley Philosophy Group and Royal Society of Medicine Section of Psychiatry to mark 100 years since the publication of Jaspers' General Psychopathology, London. 
12 September 2013 Keynote presentation at the Seventh Meeting of the Spanish Society for Analytic Philosophy (SEFA), Madrid. 
13 June 2013 Intersciplinary Workshop on Interpersonal Narratives and Mental Health, Institute of Advanced Studies, Birmingham, and organised by Michael Larkin and myself. 
7 June 2013 Participation in the 2nd edition of My Night with Philosophers, Institut Français du Royaume-Uni, London. 
26 April 2013 "Bad narratives", Ethical Theory and Moral Practice Workshop, Hamburg. 
21 March 2013 Wellcome Trust funded Moral Responsibility and Psychopathology Workshop, organised by Matteo Mameli, Matthew Broome, and myself, Birmingham. 
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