Hello! I am Professor of Philosophy at the University of Birmingham. My research is in the philosophy of the cognitive sciences.

I write about the limitations of human cognition and human agency, investigating faulty reasoning and irrational beliefs, delusions, confabulations, distorted memories, poor knowledge of the self, unreliable self narratives, self deception, inconsistencies between attitudes and behaviour, unrealistic optimism, and other positive illusions.

Birmingham Heroes Youth Mental Health 2017
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Currently I lead a 5-year project on Pragmatic and Epistemic Role of Factually Erroneous Cognitions and Thoughts (PERFECT), funded by a European Research Council Consolidator Grant (2014-2019).

My latest book is Irrationality (Polity Press, 2014). I am in the process of completing a new research monograph entitled Epistemic Innocence.

I have recently done a TEDxBrum talk on the stigma associated with mental health issues, inspired by my work for project PERFECT (you can watch it below).