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I am Professor of Philosophy at the University of BirminghamMy main research area is the philosophy of the cognitive sciences.

I work on the limitations of human cognition and human agency, focusing on faulty reasoning, delusions, confabulations, irrational beliefs, poor knowledge of the self, distorted memories, unreliable self narratives, self deception, implicit bias, inconsistencies between attitudes and behaviour, unrealistic optimism and positive illusions. 

I have also got an interest in the relationship between science and society, and in the ethical issues emerging from biomedical research, psychiatry, reproduction, parenting, and the treatment of nonhuman animals. 

I currently lead a 5-year project on Pragmatic and Epistemic Role of Factually Erroneous Cognitions and Thoughts (PERFECT), funded by a European Research Council Consolidator Grant (2014-2019). 

My latest book is Irrationality (Polity Press, 2014). I am completing a new research monograph provisionally entitled The Epistemic Innocence of Imperfect Cognitions.

I have recently done a TEDxBrum talk on the stigma associated with mental health issues, inspired by my work for project PERFECT (watch below).

Lisa Bortolotti TEDxBrum October 2017

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