Projects and Adorned Creatures

I am presently looking forward  to recording with Jonathan and Matt as well as recording my own songs. 


"The Shepherds Tree"

Huge elm, with rifted trunk all notched and scarred, Like to a warrior's destiny! I love to stretch me often on thy shadowed sward, and hear the laugh of summer leaves above; Or on thy buttressed roots to sit, and lean in careless attitude, and there reflect on times, and deeds, and darings that have been-old castaways, now swallowed in neglect; While thou art towering in thy strength of heart, stirring the soul to vain imaginings, in which life's sordid being has no part. The wind of that eternal ditty sings humming of future things, that burn the mind to leave some fragment of itself behind.

John Clare

Adorned Creatures 2008