Autumn Trees
Traditional Dance Tune

Click here to listen to "Old Molly Oxford".

"Wood Pictures in Spring"

The rich brown-umber hue the oaks unfold when spring's young sunshine bathes their trunks with gold, so rich,so beautiful, so past the power of words to paint-my heart aches for the dower the pencil gives to soften and infuse this brown luxuriance of unfolding hues, this living luscious tinting woodlands give into a landscape that might breathe and live, and this old gate that claps against the tree the entrance of springs paradise shoulc be-Yet paint itself with living nature fails: The sunshine threading through these broken rails in mellow shades no pencil e'er conveys, and mind alone feels fancies and portrays.

John Clare



These trees made the most interesting music with a bit of  help from the Autumn sun,"Old Molly Oxford", A traditional dance tune played by me, Matt and Jonathan