Barnack Holes and Hollows
 photograph and traditional songs.

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"The Blackcap"

Under the twigs the blackcap hangs in vain with snow white patch streaked over each eye. This way and that he turns, and peeps again as wont where silk-cased insects used to lie, but summer leaves are gone: the day is bye for happy holidays, and now he fares but cloudy like the weather, yet to view he flirts a happy wing and inly wears content in gleaning what the orchard spares, and like his little cousin capped in blue domesticates the lonley winter through in homestead plots and gardens, where he wears familiar pertness-yet but seldom comes with the tame robin to the door for crumbs.


John Clare

              A place where rare wild Pasque flowers grow around ancient ant hills.

              John Clare walked here. Two songs from the singing of his parents  

              played on my wooden flute.